1. I totally agree with you. It is physically addictive and very potent like GBL or GHB at high doses. Unfortunately it's hard to stick to the directions as you start to feel awful after a few days.

  2. I tried it a few times and it did nothing but put me to sleep. Never touched it again, no interest at all. Some personalities just get addicted to anything and everything. Everything in moderation. Very simple concept. I just buy CBD, kratom, kratom alternatives, weed, and a few other herbs and just take one of them when you feel the need to mood change. Don't take anything everyday. EVERYTHING HAS WITHDRAWALS WHEN YOU TAKE WAY TOO MUCH.

  3. I wish people like you would stop shitting on supplements that help people like me because your dumb enough to excessively abuse it. It'll probly be illegal soon, and I'm sure you'll feel really good about that because at least you got to share your story, must be hard.

  4. Huh. I was rolling on like 5 grams a day of this shit for like 6 months straight and never really had bad side effects if I got a good night sleep. Just a bit of lethargy in the morning.

    My main guess as to why you felt so anxious and couldn't sleep were your own anxieties that already existed. You mentioned you were a heavy drinker so my guess is that you were using the alcohol to cover up your anxiety and problems, and just transferred that over to phenibut and got hooked on that instead.

    I quit 5+ grams of daily use in only 2 weeks or so with an aggressive taper of minus 500 miligrams per day until reaching 1 gram and staying there a couple days, then down to zero.

    I felt a bit more anxious than usual but not by much, certainly not what you described and my sleep issues were fixed by a tab of melatonin.

    I understand you are trying to convey a warning however it should be common sense any substance that makes you feel euphoric is addictive and potentially dangerous.

    In the end it was your fault for being stupid, not the drugs fault.

    Also – a cursory google search outside of youtube would have given you all the info you needed about the drug, which you should do for anything that potentially alters your state of mind which you failed to do if you are blaming your ignorance on Youtube Videos not warning you.

  5. Hey, how are you now? I was addicted to phenibut for over a year.yes over a year.my fault,blah blah.i can only sum up the withdrawals as sheer terror.I dont know what brought me to this channel. I have been clean from it for 6 months now.By far lifes hardest test,for me.please dm me.id like to know how you are now.

  6. If you use fasoracetam with Phenibut it will slow tolerance. The fasoracetam up regulates gaba receptors and slows down tolerance. I have been taking Phenibut with fasoracetam for a year now 500 to 700 MG of phenibut a day. I do take days off of Phenibut but keep taking fasoracetam because the more you take it the better it works. If you want to taper off of Phenibut use fasoracetam it will stop or help withdrawals as it up regulates gaba receptors and will help restore them. I've spent years going to the doctor and taking different medications for anxiety and depression and none of them have worked. phenibut is amazing if you can handle it. my anxiety has been cured I felt like a normal person for the first time in my life after using it. It is addictive but the pros out weigh the cons. Use it daily but with fasoracetam and take small breaks to resist tolerance and refresh gaba receptors. Use as little as possible. For me phenibut has been a life saver my anxiety is gone and I have been able to salvage relationships in my life. I used to never leave the house unless forced by my friends. My brain was out of control.

  7. It doesn't take years to get a physical addiction from alcohol, plus it's an addiction you can die from during withdrawal.

    This goes for everyone, you should ALWAYS do thorough research before committing to ANY herb or chemical. Period.

  8. Yeah people who use this supplement responsibly get screwed over because of irresponsible assholes like this abusing a centeral n depressant to get high… Yeah real smart dip shit. You get what you deserve.

  9. Great video mate! I was fucked off Phenibut. It's a gabapentinoid and GABA B agonist, of course it will cause withdrawals bro. If you incounter withdrawals it's like Pregabalin (Lyrica). Take care of yourself buddy! Cheers for the help

  10. To help anyone else: I had an anxiety disorder 5 years ago from daily drinking 4-10 alcohol and 8-12 cups of caffeine a day. After going through hell for 6 months I fully recovered by cutting everything out and stayed sober for a year and a half. Pro Tip: Switching to a ketogenic diet accelerated my recovery exponentially. I started drinking again healthily: 2-5 drinks for parties and nothing during the week for almost two years. I made it a habit to never have alcohol around except for what I was to drink at parties. Stayed anxiety free, met new friends and lived the best period of my life. Halfway through I started using phen 2 at most 3 times a week while meditating, exercising, and journaling. I was in my prime this way for 2 years. Met new friends, drank so little because the phen amplified the drinking….Never using more than a g of phen at a time and always waiting 2-3 days between dosing. Then shit hit the fan in my life: two deaths in the family, otherworldly job stress and a move to a new house. I started drinking daily and using cocaine at first on the weekends then occasionally at low doses during the week while drinking caffeine to stay afloat in between. I also ditched my ketogenic diet to bulk up since I lost 20 lbs doing blow. My anxiety started creeping back, I upped my phen usage and dosage and used kratom to cope and enjoy my party lifestyle. I'm in living hell today: my chest is on fire, I can hardly breathe, and I feel depersonalized for the first time in over 4 years after cutting out alcohol and coke for three days, and cutting phen down to .25 every other day. Please learn from my mistakes my friends. All substances can be used responsibly, but when going through difficult or traumatic life experiences please use discipline and restraint so you can party responsibly. I made it through once and will do it again. I'm so lucky to have youtube videos to help me through…I'm going to work out now no matter how shitty I feel. I'm going to reread the book that helped me heal the first time "At Last a Life" by Paul David. I'm also getting back on keto and sober weekdays while weening down phen a little at a time so I can hold down my job and sleep as best I can. Sleep really is the most important part of healing anxiety. Next is hanging out with friends and family as much as possible no matter how shitty you feel. Much love to all anxiety sufferers. Your body wants to heal.

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