Kitchen Light Spacing Best Practices, How to Properly Space Ceiling Lights

Amazon link to the Lithonia LED wafer lights we used for this kitchen lighting remodel design project: Link to Klein Tools 53731 …


  1. This is completely incorrect!!! People please do not follow this if you are remodeling a kitchen. This design is for "general area" lighting and not kitchen task lighting. This would be how you design a den, livingroom, bedroom where you want even lighting throughout the room. A kitchen is designed for work and those work areas are the areas that need to be focused on. There may be shadows if not enough lights are installed and if they are installed incorrectly. BUT PLEASE DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR LIGHTING BEHIND YOU IN A KITCHEN! This kitchen may look "lit" up in a picture as there is no one working in this kitchen but if you were to put 2-3 people moving around helping make Christmas dinner it would be horrible.
    I am a Master Electrician and also own a separate lighting company which we install designs in art galleries, salons, and other high lighting focused areas.
    My apologies for saying you're wrong but I want to save diy'ers the not so happy outcome in the end!!!
    As for me I would have had a couple more down lights in completely different locations on the counter tops and also under cabinet lighting and then this small kitchen remodel could be in a magazine!!!

  2. No i definitely disagree, putting lights that far back means that you ALWAYS cast your own shadow when working at your counter and that is just plain annoying, have you heard of under cabinet lights? they look fantastic and make an even better worklight.

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  4. Jeff, you explained the absolutely WRONG way to place your lights. The thing you aren't factoring in is that by having the light out 36" puts the light source behind the head of the person working at the counter. So when that person is standing next to the counter doing their prep, they will have diminished light from the shadow they cast over their work space. By having the lights in closer, as was the case in the first example you said was wrong, you get maximum and direct light to the area you need it which is right in front of you NOT towards the back of the counter. If you are concerned about the shadow the cabinets create by having the lights in closer, you install under cabinet lighting which is actually what you had in your remodel but didn't comment on their purpose. I hope this helps some people…especially those cooks that are 6' plus.

  5. Jeff, what model of lights do you typically use? Also what is the Kelvin rating that you like? 2700, 3000, 4000? Additionally what is the spacing between the lights themselves. Appears to be as little as 24 inches from this video.

  6. We're currently laying out the recessed lighting in our new construction kitchen. We will not have upper cabinets. L shaped 12'x14' w/ 6'x5' island. Sloped ceilings are 8' to 11' high. We're using 6" cans. I'm more concerned about my body creating a shadow when at the counter working. What's your opinion on where to place the perimeter or task lighting when there's not going to be upper cabinets?

  7. Would you recommend to always stick with 3 feet from wall? I am currently under remodel and the contractor who is also my neighbor recommended to go further out by the fridge because how close it is.  The setup is similar to your but we also have a pantry next to the fridge which is about 18 inches so the light in front of fridge may not shine any light on the counter anyways.  My concern is that the other light which does light up the cabinet will also be 4 feet away from that same wall to keep things in line.  Will 4 feet away be ok to light up or will the counter also be dark on the other side of the room?

  8. What problems did you see with your kitchen lighting, and what type of kitchen lighting spacing did you use that worked for you? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll also answer your questions.

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