1. When keaton was cast as batman nobody thought it would work well and he ended up being the best I think, but tim burton adding the darkness to it made it the best batman movie I think.

  2. the Batman serials from the 40s were great.. I used to watch those a lot when I was young and still have a VHS somewhere… I liked how they had CC television and seriously a lot of technology you still see in use today.. just far more rare and expensive..

  3. There is no argument…..Best Batman is Kevin Conroy in the 90s animation. Best live action Batman is Bale and I even mentally read Batmans voice in comics as the growly one he uses in the films….didnt notice I was doing it for yrs but its just so fucking Batman…..best Bruce Wayne?? Now theres the fucking question…Keaton was too weird and the rest just did normal guy reading his lines (Once again Conroy was great) but best Bruce Wayne….thats hard cos don't think any has done him…..was going to say like he is in the comics haha but thats fucking subjective as well what you take from it…..FUCK YOU ROGAN YOUVE MADE ME GO DOWN A RABBIT HOLE OF BATMAN BRUCE WAYNE WHAT IFS AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Thats gonna do my head in all day……BASTARDS!!!

  4. This is one reason why fantasy is so effective. It takes the problems of our world and in our heads and puts them in another, which both allows us to handle them more effectively because there is some distance there and also allows us to see them more clearly because of the fantastical setting.

    Also, fantasy allows for positive archetypes and heroic figures on a level unmatched by any other medium but science fiction, with which it shares many similarities. These characters can inspire us to take action in our own lives, and to improve this world.

  5. Actors
    1: Christian Bale
    2: Michael Keaton
    3: Ben Affleck
    4: Adam West
    5: Val Kilmer
    6: George Clooney

    1: The Dark Knight
    2: Batman Begins
    3: The Dark Knight Rises
    4: Batman 89
    5: Batman v Superman
    6: Batman Forever
    7: Batman Returns
    8: Batman: the movie
    9: Batman and Robin

  6. Technically Christian Bale due to the success of his trilogy and his acting chops. But I think it's a tie between Bale and Keaton. Something about Keaton worked for me. MY favorite Batman though is Val Kilmer. I grew up in the 90's and Batman Forever was the shit when I was like 5. People laugh when I say it, but Val Kilmer as Batman is the one

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