1. He is amazing! This video is incredibly detailed and the way Patrick explains it makes me think making sourdough bread is simple enough in a way I could actually pull this off!lol Please, shoot more videos of him teaching us other bread recipes! I could watch (and learn!) from him all day long!!!!

  2. Thank you for the video! I have been working on my started this passed week and was successful!
    but this morning I was making my dough, i took half of the ingredients: 3 cups of flour (1cup of flour is said to be 120gr) and 1 cup of water and my dough was so tough and hard. i had to keep adding water again and again. Can't understand why . Yours looks so wet, especially in the beginning.

  3. As always brilliant – Thanks
    I would comment for the sake of information being correct, that it is not bacteria on the air feeding on the protein in the flour. It is wild yeast in the air feeding off the starch in the flour. There will be bacterias of course, but they are secondary. Lactobacilli are a case in point.

    Great film, love the presentation and talk.

  4. Wow, this is great! My wife is from Finland and we go the for the summers. This looks like the same rye bread they have there. This is what we have been looking for! Thanks!
    I'm still learning and can't wait to get it to perfection. The only question I have is when I put the starter into the refrigerator after making the bread, do I feed the starter before putting the starter into the refrigerator or when I take it out to make another loaf of bread? Thanks again

  5. Baking is not easy, it takes time, passion and a lot of failing, but if you really like it you will enjoy every part of the learning process. I had never baked in my life before; and now I make my own starter and everything, I keep trying new recipes and still failing sometimes, but I keep going, cause baking is like a therapy for me. 😊

  6. Started the culture on Monday and today, Saturday, I made 2 loaves, 4 hours rising in the mixing pan and 4 hours rising in the baking pans. It rose lovely. I have enough culture left over in the fridge for next time and will continue to feed and grow it. I would like to have a recipe for pancakes…how much culture, etc.

  7. This video’s incredible. The only thing I would say that’d be different Is using ice cubes in a hot tray rather than hot water. Ice creates much more steam, and over a longer period of time too.

  8. Thank you. This video is so clear, very helpful. A question though, what if I don't want to use white flour, but whole grain? Is it still the same window pane effect I need to look for, to know when I'm done kneading the dough? Oh and I suppose it goes fast if I use a machine?

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