Learn how to make orchids flower again! Easy, step by step to rebloom orchids with EdenMaker, Shirley Bovshow. Don’t throw away your orchid after it finishes …


  1. I totally enjoyed learning all about taking care of my orchids I've seen a few other channels nothing like yours you're definitely a pro, as well as easy explaining. After watching your video I feel confident and taking care of my orchids I am new at this I have subscribed to your Channel great video your knowledge of orchids is amazing 🌸

  2. concerning temperature what if i live in arizona so especially in the summer the temp is constantly kept at 79 this instance what if the temp & (not much humidity) always stays the same?
    i always lose new blooms & leaves stay beautiful& green but never new blooms🙁

  3. What happens if the flowering stem has completely dried up and is gone and there is no fourth node for new growth? Will it make a new stem? I've been doing all the stuff you mentioned and I have two very healthy orchids but no flowers for about a year. Lots of big new leaves and air roots but no blooms or signs of them.

  4. I saved many orchids from trash during my work at a computer center. Many women were throwing them. I got them (and I'm a man) and put them in soil and I care them once a month. I let them to go wild and then care them with cleaning the pot leafs, old roots and so on. When those women came home got such a shock that I even made them not to throw flowers again. And I have 10 of them and now are 1-3 years old..

  5. I have more hope! This is the second video I've watched on orchid care. Both videos were by you. I am hoping I keep mine alive long enough to pass down to my now, 10 year old daughter one day long down the road!

  6. Ohhh No! I cut my Orchid stem to low. But now I know better for next time. She is still happy and healthy though. Her leaves are soo green and her roots are soo long! Thanks for the tips. I have watched you before, but now I am subscribed so I won't miss an episode and I can keep learning. I Love Your Videos! Sincerely, Dolla Savin

  7. Hello Shairley,
    I am from India and Delhi.I bought 2 Orchid plant after seeing your vedio.I like your conversation.Wher
    e I purchased the plant the Gardner don't know the name and type can I sending u a pic of my Orchid please let me know the type of Orchid I am having and taking care of the plant Thanks for helping me.

  8. There is no way I can lower the temperature by 10 degrees. Normally the temperature is around 24 C and 14 C is impossible to get in my living room. My first orchid went in the garbage because of ignorance. Now I have 3 pots that flower now and then, when they want.

  9. Thank you. We have always wanted to know how to get the our Orchid/s re-bloom, we even attended an Orchid class in Armstrong Nursery here in SoCal where we live. We followed EVERY step we learned in the class, but the poor Orchid DID NOT survive, so we gave up. My wife purchased another just last week we will try your method…

  10. I've got two orchid plants. Last year after flowering one lost its only stem while the other lost one of the two it had. Now I've had new flowers on the one remaining stem, though they've been dropping off for the last couple of days. However the other plant has done nothing. Is there a way I can coax it into growing a new stem?

  11. Thank you so much, what fabulous presentation and information, you have no idea how many orchid plants went into the garbage … I will take my hand at what you have said here .. Blessings to You!

  12. Thanks for the good advise. I love orchids but never had one as I thought they are too hard to look after, but I’m going to get one now I understand what they need to grow correctly. Love your wall art in the background as well.

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