1. So if marijuana is not legal in my state, I can't pursue this niche? I.e. starting WordPress site, blog, and videos of some sort pertaining to niche? Since everything is online, wouldn't this be ok anyway even if the topic is not legal in your state?

  2. I'm actually checking your high quality backlinks video and I actually need some help as I have an idea for a online business combining 2 niches into one platform but I need assistance as I'll be honest I'm not very good at doing correct implementations after following each step of creating a blog and so forth I know how to build a website and things related to it but I don't know how to correctly promote and implement the needed process to get good results

  3. LOL you smashed it with this video well funny and very educational step by process and to be honest I unsubscribed before but after watching this video I subscribed again but I have a question however just to clarify a topic I'm confused on, can you promote this promote this product as an affiliate residing in a country or state where it's illegal but you promote the product to traffic from countries or states where it's legal?

  4. Hey Dan I have the super Affiliate program I want to get in to market health but when I go to se the ofers and I pick one it sends me to a landing page. Can you please do a training on market health PLEASE!!!

  5. Sorry for so many messages man, ok so i ment to unlock TB on your affiliate program when i first bought it last week, but now its 20$ more.. sent you messages on facebook id love a reply, kno your busy but ill send one more on there in case your snoozin or something lol

  6. Dan i got your affiliate program, it is great. HostGator has upgraded their services so that part is kind of out-of-date but is still good man, would you mind making a video on choosing the new host plans, they are more expensive now, after the promo expires they run about $20 a month hosting, curious what you think of this.. just bang one out real quick please! Dan Brock the man!

  7. Dont stop that hustle danny you 6k away from 150k subs and 50k away from 200k . If we were talking money there isnt much gap in between that and you know it. Grant Cardone is at 500k and hes worth 300M. Your almost there.

  8. Thank you so much for this video. I appreciate your not a smoker but don't down others for doing so and making money from it! That's why I'm a subscriber on this channel! Cool topic! Keepem' coming!

  9. Another cool video from the one and only Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

    In this motion picture Dan talks about promoting this kind of niche with a blog. From his past Youtube videos I thought this was a old school way where prospects have to actually concentrate long enough to read articles.

    I personally believe Dan is right when all affiliate marketing online will be in video.

    My theory from that one is because most people don't want to read, or want to read a lot. I know from experience out in The Real World this is true. Especially from people I know who are in my social circle and those who are in my family. They rather spends hour each day watching tv getting programmed by all the advertisers. Maybe one they'll eventually learn that if they do not program themselves, then they will be programmed.

    And cable tv is such bullshit like comcast for the monthly cost they ask for when the majority of all their tv channels are commercials trying to always sell me to buy what they have to offer.

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