This Channelβœ… Posts EVERY SUNDAY!This week I’m showing the plant training techniques for growing bigger autoflowers to increase your harvest yields.


  1. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone. ( Reminder I am with my family all next week and will not be posting. I will return the following week with a harvest video. Appreciate your beautiful faces very much. If you have a question, throw it down in the comment section!
    Also, here are some great safe & solventless hash tools I use.

    Press Plates –

    Evolution Pressing Bags –

    Dry Sift Screens (set) –

  2. Good Morning Mr.Canuck… I'm in need of advise for my first grow. I have pics that I would like you to look at. Not sure if you're willing to look at them and give me your opinion, Etc? Please let me know. BTW K love to content you share!!

  3. Hello Matt! Love your vids, i have a few questions. Do you use only nutriens what you mix with your coco and only water from star to finish? Also, i want to buy Nutriens from General Hydroponics or Fox Farm, and how it looks on veg stage ? Just water and later i need add some nutriens ? Do you think maybe to grow in hydro ? I saw a lot of people grow in hydro DWC system with amazing results.

  4. Merry Christmas Matt! Great video this week. I see you now use the Hero 7 for video. Do you like it? I am debating whether or not to buy it. Also, have you ever used any microbial inoculants to help with organic nutrient breakdown? Enjoy your week off bro!

  5. Hey brother got a ? for ya. I been an outdoor organic grower for about 35 years, STILL LEARNING.My ? 2 ya is I want to try indoor I have about 5 lights I'm gonna be working with. And want to know your option on using 2, 5×5 tents, and as long as I live in rural area, no neighbors at all, could I get away with just venting straight outdoors, or do I HAVE to use carbon filter or some sort. I have the room for 2 5×5 tents , it will be a tight fit. As I said , i have plenty of lights. Just needing your expert opinions. I have the outdoor down for years now, but this whole new led world has got me . I'm an old school grower. To me as organic as I can go the better. Bringing all this indoors is a whole new world to me. P.s bro. Id never ever had even given the autos a second thought until I seen yours. I got to give it to ya young blood. You got that shit locked down on the auto game. More power to you. And hopefully I get to watch all you auto grows from here out. I 've learned a WHOLE lot from the older than me group of growers. But I can watch your auto grow vids repeatedly. You grow like you been doing it all your life. Grow on . Hope to learn more from ya.

  6. Love that song, especially the lyrics, lol. Question for you. Do you use an aquarium pump to aerate your water prior to feeding and if so why? Also, here in the midwest, I've found dr earths 4-4-4 amendment, but only a 3-9-4 for flower. Do you think that is ok to use instead of 2-8-4?

  7. Hello there! I've been growing for a while and studying plant and soil biology for a minute and I have to say you seem to know what you're talkin about and the plants definitely show it so thank you for having me I haven't been able to grow for the last year too it's really upsetting but hopefully I can live vicariously through you lol but in your dry amendments do they do something or do you do something so that the nutrients are available sooner or is it like blood meal and other stuff that just gets released sooner? and do you make compost tea? How's the soil food web? I'm sorry I'm a curious young lad

  8. Merry christmas Matt! the Ladies are looking Luscious, I can't Remember whether or not if you've done your coco Grow with water P.H under 6.5 I feel like it was in an old video you talked about it, Can you elaborate a bit on it for me ?

  9. Just playin. I live in the United States. It's great because I can say that my government is trash. Fuck you to my own country and its kind of fun, but really due to the inforced guilt trip it really is trash.

  10. Merry Xmas! Great vid, especially enjoyed the first 3 minutes showing how you start, train and then follow the autos time lapse. Keep us posted on them and would like to see more of your LST and pruning and time lapse of the autos.

  11. Can you please make a video about why you do what you do to your plants and how you went around gaining knowledge about these?
    Or like a step by step build and grow for beginners? A lot of the videos that I see give a ton of items but no information and it gets so confusing because it feels like 1000 things goes into this. Also, if we buy everything that you have listed besides the camera, would that be ALL we needed??Your videos are definitely the est I’ve seen though

  12. Hey man I like the growing style you’re killing it! I follow the same basic techniques but run my system a little different. Have you considered adding a mulch layer, cover crop, mycos, and some worms? You could setup and run a no till system with what you already have going quick and easy as hell.

  13. hey Matt merry Christmas my friend and happy holidays to you and your family hope all is well and in good health just wanted to drop a few lines and say how much I enjoy and appreciate your videos not only are they eye candy thay are so benefital to people who are just as passionate as you about your work I've been watching your videos for a few years now and I just got to say it keeps getting better and better have a wonderful holiday and scratch that little puppy behind his ear for me cheers bro!! nothing but straight πŸ”₯ on this channel!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€

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