Gov. Tom Wolf discusses possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana use in Pa.

Gov. Tom Wolf talks to PennLive reporters about the possibility of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes in Pennsylvania. Wolf had previously said it was …


  1. Great news. Anyone who opposes this is either brainwashed or uneducated on the subject matter. Prohibition doesn't work and never will. Just at how prohibition worked out with alcohol. Prohibition creates drug dealers, an underground market, cartels and many negative things that aren't worth fighting with our resources. It's time to end prohibition and follow New York and New Jersey, Massachusetts and Colorado, California, Washington, Vermont, Canada, and Oregon into the 21st century. Yes we cannabis!

  2. So many lives ruined because it was illegal, fines and pee test.
    I'd like 1 day our ppl not have to worry, will be relinquished from this bleamish law. Means cops vs us, can co-exist without such hate from a law that steals from us and charges us for fines.
    We need our pursuit of happiness,
    Not painkillers or drug addicts running around. Our country has infringed upon everys constitutional right, which like everything back then was hemp; aka cannabis. Indians gift to us, helped our soils. Not to mention even jesus himself carried annointed cannabis oil with him everywhere. Scientists proved that already, literally its going even against God and The Way. Completely different then church folks, we've tried explaining it infringes our religious rights and freedoms. Set Us slaves Free.

  3. My question is why do we wait on a bill, majority of "We The People" said yes numerous times in polls.
    Its long overdue of a outdated view and the racist history so ugly created by the nazi feds in 60's-70's. The fact schedule 1, only proves they haven't changed. We need not just legalized but End of Prohibition Matters so much & Trumps ready. Just the rest of the States need to be. 2019 Let our people have freedom stolen from them. Pursuit of Happiness matters. Make our 4 fathers PROUD & sign the bill. Make PA folks little bit happier and a little proud of our state. I figure the ppl to pass this or deny it again will read this, our people need this plant. On so many levels. It being illegal has such a ugly history and fabricated lies. Including when military 1st tested it.

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