Fossilized MSM News Is the Enemy of Truth and Liberty and Now Must Be Destroyed by Digital Militias

Alternative, citizen and civilian journalism pose and form an existential threat to the ossified and otiose corporate mainstream media platforms. Their newsrooms …


  1. lsd has nothing to do with liberalism at least the effects of experiencing it doesn't. if anything it would help cut through their bullshit. as with the "conservatives".

  2. Great show!! I agree totally. I left msm a long time ago, feeling and knowing somehow that they were wasting my time. My hope, thanks to the internet and 'alternative' good quality media, has been restored.

  3. Hate Trump if you will. But the most important thing this man did, was expose the hypocrisy and danger that the media and academia poses to America. He speaks his mind, perhaps a bit too much. I suppose that's what I admire about the guy. He's fearless and doesn't care what people think of him. Reminds me of Howard Roark from the Fountainhead.

  4. MSM propaganda ministry is only the tip of the iceberg of mass brainwashing. Hollyweird, Academia, the entire Educational system from Fed level down to local has systematically brainwashed our children from Kindergarten thru Doctorates for decades.  I know geniuses with derangement syndrome so debilitating they only think in PC phrases.

  5. I think the changes in media consumption is tied up with human evolution. Many more are seeking out info and knowledge rather than have it fed to them by some master elite class. Sheeple no more.

  6. Re: Fake News MSM —
    The Der Spiegel fake news story just came out. One of their best-known and well-respected reporters (Claas Relotius) invented fake news and interviews for years.

  7. This country is slowly collapsing. There are components that seem like that is not the case and. Most people's lives are spent in an illusion of new surroundings, hobbies, parties , trips, shopping , eating , movies and other distractions . Meanwhile our MSM is a failed program, our internet media is being attacked daily by the googles and patrions by demonetization of their works. The relentless march of the communist globalists is non stop. Has anyone yet seen any of these criminals go to jail. I am beginning to think this whole Trump, Q, crap is just a con job .

  8. On spot, today's MSM so called journalists, who are supposedly educated, no longer have a mind of their own. They only know how to follow orders. They are directed, absolutely no will of their own. And not only that but the citizens on the street with their cameras do a much better job at getting the truth out to us than any journalist of today's MSM.

  9. Joe Scarborough should talk about the 28 year old female found dead in his office in 2001 and the Dr who performed the autopsy on felony charges related to finding the remains on him in 2012.

  10. FORT WALTON BEACH, FL. – Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl), was found dead in the congressman's district office @ American Intelligence Media

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