Dosist Bliss Vape Cartridge Review

A completely different vape experience. It’s Dosist’s all-in-one battery and vape cartridge combo. If nothing else, it’s a novel experience. Check out our review of …


  1. Hey, was wondering if you have tried the full size. i am on my 2nd because my first one broke before i could finish it. The shop replaced it for free. A week later my 2nd one broke! I think the battery died before I could finish what was in the reservoir. I emailed Dosist. The rep said to reset it by blowing for 3 seconds into the opposite end. That did not work. Sad kitty

  2. Good stuff man🤘I’m mostly about the flowers but always have carts for public medicating. Really enjoy yr 2 part style for reviews and find you very entertaining and informative. Stay lifted brother and all love from Chicago 🔥😉🤘

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