1. Crunch bar d*** 😭😭🤣🤣🤣 omg you a real honest person man lol, that damn CPK she think she slick with all that posting she doin, like sis i know you cheating on that nigga

  2. You are telling the truth especially when you started talking about CPK, and the community pool. Great Reading, straight no chaser loving it. I had to tell him I was too good for him😙. Peace, Love and Light 😘😘

  3. OH.My.Gaaaaa! I LOVE you, girl you had me so tickled…"We're in love with a toddler." lol Thank you Heartfelt and genuinely, the gift of laughter, you gave it to me this afternoon. I hope God and the universe bring you a gift too.

  4. So accurate , Karmic’ssssssss so many I lost count like a year ago !!!! I don’t know what his dumb ass is doing but if he comes back he needs to come back a different guy and with NO cling on karmic stuck to his back !!!! Me Scorpio him Cancer hey I might get lucky and his skank ass might drown in all this water 🤣

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