1. Gosh I feel so sad now that this wonderful human being being ruined by some unrelated mess. If only he…Was still with us. I missed out in experiencing so many things now and I feel like it's as if people are reminiscing of the good old days yet…I guess I cannot feel the same nostalgia but envy of how amazing it was and am kinda sick about playing catch-up for so long now.

  2. Wow, this was both funny and extremely heartening. What an absolute ride. I only really suspected this was fake when he busted out the fedora (and was suspicious of the fact that he was able to thoroughly mod his Sims 3). Thank you for not mentioning that it was fake until the end, it got me as close to your perspective on the whole thing as I could have gotten being uninitiated on lolcow culture. I'm watching the final livestream right now

  3. Josh Bergensteinbergergoldbergshlomojewlol sounds more autistic than the people he criticises. This shit isn't funny, this is bottom of the barrel shit laughing at the mentally ill. Josh is a sociopath using us as his personal army to attack actual fucking retards now. Worst still people are paying him to play YouTube videos for them, that's fucking cancer.

  4. the kiwi board spawned off of the cwciki and the cwciki is based off of one ED page.Even as a dead site and forum, ED is just better. Kiwies are cringe af, all they do is stalk and trollshield lolcow. Or u r like josh and be a pay-pig to crischan and make A-Logy vids like these lol

  5. vrvh doesnt beardson remnd u of the bb gun assasin but when hes on his gamer shit callin niggas fags n retards whengaming. in the later vids with him in front of the american flag. n i remember that vidi n the snow on some mde shit with that azn hunchback of notre dame sperging the fuck out. good ol days

  6. Null that may be the most beautiful story of friendship I have ever heard. I came here to hear stories of retarded assholes on the internet. But I am happy to have heard your gay ass story.

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