1. Not hating on dank vapes at all I've had one before the black berry kush but they recently got tested for 6 pesticides and fake advertise their thc level still has good flavor but the potency isn't really their and has pesticides

  2. This nigga doesn't check his comments just like how he doesn't check the carts he's smoking. Dank Vapes, Brass Knuckles, Heavy Hitters, etc have all failed the test for pesticide. Gullible sheeps LOL. Lab results are posted on instagram by @datdude41510 and @thedojaapp

  3. I got a lemonhead dank vape that says @dankvapesofficial but itz straight fire i put that when i say the wax is clearer and way thicker than the other ones and taste just like lemonade

  4. bro how do you smoke these like you dont even know the lab tests of the dank vapes, when they turned out to have 9 pesticides🤒 edited i saw the test agin and they have 9 pesticides 💀

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