Cardinal Dolan Worried About Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Timothy Cardinal Dolan says he worries about “anything that alters us,” though he may be open to medical marijuana use. CBS2’s Maurice DuBois reports.


  1. Anti marijuana sentiment parallels racism .. if you can judge one fruit or one leaf above another why not human beings and the color of their skin ……drug laws don't protect anyone but instead make money for the same ppl who import them into the country in the first place …..the police need hard drugs on the streets brought by white King pins on private planes and army Jets and pushed into black communities so the cat and mouse game can continue …..stop targeting ppl suffering from addiction poverty legalize marijuana and end heroin and cocaine alcohol and cigarettes

  2. But he's not worried about priests molesting children for years and altering their mental health and sexualities…. the church which enslaved and murdered thousands of African slaves and native Americans into believing in a false white God …… Cardinal Dolan shut up

  3. He's a control freak standing at an 'alter', in a cult, that wants to always be allowed to have control over other people. Ever wonder why the bible says that nonbelievers will burn in hell? People under the age of 21 should not be allowed to attend cult meetings. How about that?

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