BODY CAM: Young Mother SUES after Marijuana Arrest – “He Pulled My Pants Down…I FROZE”

BODY CAM: Young Mother SUES after Arrest in Harris County, TX. Direct link: A young wife and mother says she was r*ped by a …


  1. I hope this woman gets a very large settlement Katy Tx is nothing but a backwoods hick town and I hope the jailer enjoyed his last female because from now on he will be raped daily by males

  2. The more laws a country has the more immoral it is.
    Let's take a minute to thank our jewish overlords for sending our law enforcement heads to the holey land of in-not-real so they can come back and treat the American "goyim" the same way that the is-not-real military treats the Palestinian people.

  3. A good cop being the judge, the jury, and the executioner in this case. I hope he feels bad to arrest someone that gets sent straight to a place to get raped. Good on the force that the taxpayers employ, for sending someone with a little bit of marijuana to a place that doesn't care what crime you commit, and compares you to a criminal, will lead to criminal treatment that involves rape. So proud of them.

  4. Think it's about time your legal and penal gets some attention. Jail is not for everyone, and this lady had to take on the consequences of a retarded system that sent her straight towards being raped.

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