Belfast’s Pregabalin Addiction | Drugs Map of Britain

Pregabalin, a drug prescribed to treat anxiety, epilepsy and nerve pain has seen huge increases in prescription in Belfast, alongside the illegal trade of the drug …


  1. Just as addictive as Heroin? Rubbish. BBC just want to dramatise this programne by exaggerating the effects of this lame prescription drug. And Kenneth is more than happy to oblige.

  2. What I take away from this video, and the comments, is that everyone is different. Some people can walk off a lyrica comedown in a matter of days, or a week, others got it so bad they're like the guys in the video with no way out. I urge people not to judge these guys just because you can tough it out; not everyone is built like you, Mr I-can-take-drugs-look-how-awesome-I-am.

  3. I've been on it for years for femoral nueropathy it helps nerve pain but these claims are rediculous, I am on the highest prescribed dose possible, it is a godsend for nerve damage but these claims are retarded!

  4. This really scares me because as a nurse I have easy and unregulated access to this drug. If I were a different person I would easily be able to sell it and make heaps of money. That must be how these people get it illegally. Scary! Hope these people find their way out of addiction.

  5. Here in the states it went from a schedule 5 to a 4 in July,2018.
    I bet In the years to come
    Will be a heavily controlled ADDICTIVE substance in every country.

    Not enough long term studies on it because it’s still new.
    Research on it, it stops new synaptic connection and destroys existing ones.

    That’s scary

  6. There exist an abnormal sickness taste in the mouth when you try to come off it, the more days you miss the further the sickness, headaches, poor vision and bitter taste consumes one… tiredness etc… All mannerisms of peculiarity…

    I am not quite sure why commentators are stating they had no withdrawal symptoms..
    That is peculiar to me.

    I am aware I will not be able to come off high dosage prescription drugs, since I commenced as a teenager in high.

    The neurons evolve to depend upon the stimulus, so it is not generally possibly to ever be drug free after so so long…

    The prescribed dosage replace that which the original enzymes (failed cells) where built for

  7. Sorry no. I've lived here all of my adult life and I have been AROUND. Never, not once, in the dingiest shithole party full of skangers at 3am, has anyone ever offered me whatever this is. Belfast has its faults. Huge glaring faults. But it is, for the most part, not a junkie town for whatever reason. I don't know where the BBC picked up this poor fellow, but it certainly isn't representative of any kind of problem that is based in reality. Shoddy, shoddy journalism.

  8. The first guy i do kinda feel sorry for him,he had bad shit happen and he'd been made feel this way though withdraw through prescribed medication. Not as if he was buying on the street.

  9. The idiots are only fooling themselves .
    Heres a Copy / paste from a medical journal : What can develop is a psychological dependence. If you abuse Lyrica, you may begin to think that you need it.

  10. What a load of rubbish. They are' mixing pregabalin with other drugs’. Sorry BBC3 but this is the worst documentary I have ever seen from you. I have been taking it for 3 years for anxiety and I have never got a buzz from it. In fact if taken as prescribed it can really help.

  11. Get a grip, the Kenneth was seven when the war ended, so what does he know of it? Reading below he is the sort tha would be an incurable and delt with. On my side the Provos or inla would just not have this sort of scum about the place. He is taking the piss, I have been on Pregablin and Oxy since a plastic smashed into my spine, I tried sniffing the Pregablin when your man did and nothing, so its bollox, how much are they being paid?

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