1. Okay so about waking up the same time every day; I worn in shifts which mean that some days, I have to get up at half past 4 to go to work. But then on other daysI won't be home before 10pm; might still have to do some chores and at least eat a small prepared meal. I will most likely not be able to go to bed before midnight. If I'd get up the same time every morning that would mean hardly five hours of sleep .. how do you work with that? Would you rather sacrifice some hours if sleep to build a routine or get some extra hours at the days you can stay in bed longer?

  2. 1. If you are talking about reading advice from same Jordan Peterson who is a quasi conservative Christian apologist, Incel champion, and who espouses other forms of lunacy, than that is the first thing you ought to STOP doing when you wake up in the morning.

    This is less about food health, and more mental health.

  3. I tend to reflexively check my phone in the morning, but I've at least started to migrate away from social media and work on my DuoLingo lessons instead. At least I'm getting something checked off the list!

  4. 1. Stop snorting coke.
    2. Stop masturbating to clown porn.
    3. Stop pouring coffee on your genitals.
    4. Stop shoving ketchup bottles up your ass.
    5. No more butt selfies with aforementioned ketchup bottle inserted.
    6. Stop gargling with vodka and calling yourself a disgusting pig in the mirror.
    7. Eating spam in bed.
    8. Not washing your hands.

  5. I watched this video as soon as it was released and now, by watching it again, I can see that I have incorporated every single one of these tips and I can say without a doubt that my lifestyle has improved dramatically.
    Thank you!

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