1. Hey I hope this makes your day, so yesterday I went to the dentist 🙄 he’s working on my teeth, and the dentist office is playing Christmas music anyway the song “ I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” comes on and I can’t help but to think of Harlow ☺️

  2. Balancing act is right. My reaction to the thyroid hormone T3 made my POTS way worse. Now that I’m not taking it because the severe insomnia it caused, my TSH is rising (hypo) 🙁 I no longer have a thyroid. If only I could find a doctor who could help put it all together for me. J, You’re such a trooper.

  3. Hi Jacquie, hope you are having a lovely day! Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about the change of symptoms in your Narcolepsy. Hopefully they can offer another option for you. Chronic illnesses can be so unpredictable and inconvenient! I wouldn't share my medication names either. That's too personal and every med works differently for each person. <3 Sending love from PA – Bethany

  4. I believe someone else mentioned Harlow’s behavior. She had a very concerned look on her beautiful face, while you were explaining your symptoms. Maybe I’m incorrectly reading her.

  5. Poor sweetie, hope you get better. In time for Christmas. Harlow is such a sweetie. Knows when mommy doesn't feel good. My Georgia does the same thing. She hasn't been trained as a service dog, but she knows when something is wrong with mom. Get better girl. And I hope you had a chance to read the rainbow Bridge.

  6. Hi Jaquie, I know you get lots of advice from people, but I do have a lot of the same diagnosis. I recognize that everyone with chronic illnesses is different, even with the same diagnosis. I myself have delt with various degrees of symptoms through the years with each illness. Well within the last year I have come to find great relief from multiple different symptoms with the help of Cannabis. Medical Marijuana literally saved my life. It has taken the place of Numerous medications! For a Multitude of chronic illnesses and conditions. With the different types and strains there's some that have stimulant effects (Sativa) which may help with your Narcolepsy. Also (Indica) to help with sleep. Taking CBD daily helps regulate normal sleep patterns., which can take up to 2 weeks. Also taking CBD daily takes away the psycho active effects, so no "high" feeling but 100% of the benefits. Plus the Amazing pain relief! muscle relaxant, heart rate lowering, anxiety relief, nausea relief, appetite stimulation, stomach ache relief, inflammation reduced. I hope you will consider it. I know you tried it before but then you didn't really talk about it again. I know you said it didn't really help your pain, and you didn't want to increase the THC. I really hope you reconsidered. This is the only thing that has almost completely taken away my pain! The only other thing that ever came close was I.V. pain meds after my last surgery, which was for the gastric pacemaker. It was a pain pump with Fentanyl. Yes I have an Extremely High tolerance to medications and Marijuana. So yes I use a very high dose so it will effect me as "high" unless I use the CBD but that's great.

  7. I take a stimulant medication as well, but not for narcolepsy. I agree somethings need to be kept private on vlogs. Unfortunately, society is the problem not you Jaquie. Love you and I hope you get to feeling better!

  8. HI, my name is Ericka and I own colorado_cords_4_paws on Instagram, You inspire me to be happy to make my YouTube channel to be HAPPY. I make hands free leashes (i have made a lot of them for SD handlers for free). I made a pink and black on for you do you think you could send a PO box or address to my Instagram.

  9. Are sleep problems not also part of your other conditions? Could it be related to those rather than narcolepsy. I have ms and along with that comes a never ending list of symptoms that affects every part of my body.

  10. I'm getting my second sleep study done soon (MSLT) after suspicion of narcolepsy. I already got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and wear a mouth piece for that. I hope that stimulant works for you. Wanting to sleep all the time is HORRIBLE.

  11. It sucks how one thing can always come up and we have plans to take care of it but our bodies can't chill out and wait they have to give us something else to deal with……. the chronic illness bodies inner bratty child! I hope things settle down again soon, sleep is our break!

  12. I’m literally getting tested for narcolepsy in a few weeks……… problem is that drs don’t know if I’m experiencing debilitating fatigue or debilitating sleepiness. I’ve all of a sudden developed multiple symptoms in 2018, and I’ve gotten a diagnosis that only explains some of them, so my drs were basically like, let’s rule out narcolepsy….

  13. I am sorry you are having a hard time today. FYI I have a friend who has three Golden Retrievers; Mother, Father, daughter. As you have said and most recently as well, they are attention hounds. The mother ate and destroyed her bicycle seat. She isnt getting any Christmas gifts.

  14. I admit I haven’t watched ALL your vids and you may have mentioned this already but…was wondering if you’ve ever had a sleep study done? My husband was DX with narcolepsy. Me, having worked in nursing for 30 yrs, seriously doubted that was his problem. After 10yrs finally got him to go to a new dr who ordered a sleep study and discovered no narcolepsy but he does have sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a CPAP and no more sleeping his days away. Anywho…just a thought I had. I know ppl are constantly suggesting “you should do this or do that” and it can be aggravating but I couldn’t help myself and had to join the bandwagon. ☺️

  15. I really hope the Narcolepsy sleep attacks don't get worse and that they calm down soon. I want you to be able to live your life to the fullest and the stimulant can help that! Harlow is so cute at your side and she does such a good "under" wherever she is! You guys are a team I strive to be like one day.

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