Protected by the 2018 Farm Bill That’s right guys the era of hemp prohibition is over finally! Being removed permanently from the Controlled Substances Act, …


  1. Just placed an order for some legal flower. Now that Trump signed this wonderful bill, CBD is returning to shelves here in Ohio. I wanted to try the flower for so long, but was hesitant to order because it was still a controlled substance at the time.Thank God for Trump!

  2. But what I like more is that this isn't breaking news. He has given the power back to the people. I told my friends about this well not friends associates and they were like fuck him he is evil he is the devil blah blah blah. If Trump is the devil sign me up. This is the best thing he has ever done. No one is more courageous than Trump right now.

  3. I watched this on the way to work this morning. I apologize if you covered it already, but whatโ€™s the difference between this farm bill and what made it legal a week ago? Thanks brother

  4. Yo water you wanna know what the crazy part of this farm bill is? i read thru it today, it literally only specifies the "Delta 9 THC" as having to be under .3% it says nothing about THCa or THCv and we all know THCa decarbs into regular THC so technically we can have hemp with like 25% THCa even and its still legal. Big loophole man its crazy

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