What made Albert Einstein a Genius?

Einstein’s brain was different than ours! Without the contributions of Albert Einstein our world would be totally different place. Some of his biggest scientific …


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  2. My brain is normal but im smart in math and science and i can imagine things like him and i only do on house is to study and study and look to the sky and study it and do it again and again

  3. Albert Einstein is widely regarded as a genius, bit how did he get that way? Many researches have assumed that it took a very special brain to come up with the theory of relativity and other stunning insights that form the foundation of modern physics.

  4. I have also double collasum like Einstein but one is block, doctor said that if it open in future, you would be more logical and expert in mathematics but I couldn't wait for it and decided not to join engineering college, I decided to select psychology to know more about my brain and others, to come up with new theories, inventions regarding intelligence!!

  5. and Allah has given every person Same Brain 🧠 . Some use This Brain Highly and Some not. So dont say Albert has extra 17% Nuerons. Albert Studied hard Thats why he is succesful man. If we try we can also like be him. Remember Nothing is Impossible

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