The Truth about Smoking Bongs – Are Bongs Healthy or Unhealthy?

We look at the health impacts and health benefits of using a bong. Is smoking a Bong bad for you health or good for you? We cover both sides and also give …


  1. If you are smoking out of a bong, I recommend using hempwick (so you aren't breathing in any butane). Plus hemp burns at a lower temp which is great for taste & better for your lungs. Also get a bong with really good percolation- such as a honeycomb perc. Or you could get an Arizer vape with the bong attachment, which is very good on irritated lungs. Also filling the bong with warm water really helps. Cheers.

  2. I'm about to make a bong out of copper pipe my problem is I want to know if copper gives harmful effects to you when you use it for smoking I understand when you smoke anything against you certain harmful effects I'm just trying to find out if the copper will add to that

  3. Cannabis is a bronchodilator. Stop assigning woo to jargon you do not understand (homeostasis [wildly misunderstood], endocannabinoid [you gave no info about it, just said that it fired and that it's "homeostatic"). K thx.

  4. The problem I have with joints is the smoke high temperatures, as a singer it's very bad for my voice so I'm wondering if I should switch to a bong. Is it worth to use ice on a bong to lower the temperature?

  5. Hey mate just wanted to ask my cuzin is 23 and smoking bong every day he mix it with tabaco he don’t work he’s all ways at home sitting In he’s room and plays wow all day he goes mad when he’s mum don’t give him money for him to buy weed he says he can’t play a game with out smokeinv weed and I really want to help him out what will be the best way to help some one like that I mean is it ok for him to smoke like that I don’t know we all care about him and we all worried about him

  6. Bongs will wreck your lungs if used with tobacco, I used to smoke tobacco mixed with weed in a bong daily and had to stop when i realized how sore my chest was every morning and the amount of tar i would cough up. Love the vids tho good quality!

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