The MacSplicer Podcast #58 – Capcom Cup 2018, TWT’s Prize Pool, and Grandblue Fantasy Versus

I halfheartedly recap Capcom Cup 2018, get angry at Bandai Namco and the Tekken team for their TWT prize pot, address the situation between Michael Murry …


  1. The balance patch that recently came out for Soul calibur really adjusted some problems. I think now it would be a good time to at least get an idea of the game. The online issues have been patched too (I had no problems on my end^^)

    It's always difficult to explain to casuals (i call them like that for the lack of a better word^^) what the fgc means with the word: fighting game. I think it has a lot to do with the fighting game community itself. It's kinda strange that windjammers gets a side tournament spot at evo and no one seems to care although that game is clearly not a fighting game per se. However windjammers grew up in that arcade environment and was very close to fighting games. Every fg player knows windjammers so that's why it gets accepted.

    I don't know, it's a very complicated topic imo, great video as always man

  2. the problem with the prize pool is not only tekken 7 is more successful than sf5, tekken was more successful than street fighter for a long time in terms of sales and it's been since ttt2 that tekken is the best selling fighting franchise
    people in the fgc don't understand that tekken is even more successful than sf and sf is just more popular
    not to mention that financially , namco is doing even better than capcom

  3. I know exactly how you feel, i want P5A so bad but i thought it wasn't coming any time soon because ASW has their hands full, then i see that Granblue trailer and i immediately think "oh, fuck you"

    The game looks okay to be fair, but it still hurts

  4. I tried watching capcom cup i honestly tried every time i tuned in it was nothing but ads ads ads.
    Even after a match finished you were assualted with ads.

    I dont watch many e-sports events apart from tekken, but is this normal? The top 8 took more than 2 hours to start!!

  5. If I had to think of a video idea or something like that maybe you could make a video on say what defines a game as FGC material, I'm just coming off from the video, fairly simple idea but if I were to think of something else I'd let you know

  6. I'd say that games like Jump Force, Naruto Storm games, and so on are like there own category of "Fighting Games", there not FGC, but they are still at there core a fighting game. Like how there's traditional fighters, 3d fighters, anime fighters, etc, I would say those type of fighters are basically the Casual Fighting games or some other name that I can't think of rn. I pass them off as normie like at least when it comes to the Storm games and Jump force but Dissidia I would still call a fighting game because it does, at least in my opinion take as much skill as other fighting games maybe not as much as third strike but around as much as say SFV. There not FGC games, besides Dissidia I'd still consider it one maybe thats just me, but they are still by definition "Fighting Games". But games like Streets of Rage a fighting game? LOL thats a beat em' up game, people needa learn the difference when it comes to stuff like that.

  7. on the topic of the TWT and CPT prize pool, after the event finished Chanel posted twitter a tweet mocking twt's pathetic prize pool and Knee retweeted it, so it's great to see top players against such a low prize pool when Tekken made more than SFV in terms of copies sold not to mention Capcom had to pull out arcade edition to increase and Tekken didn't need to do that yet it's selling more.

  8. I think the difference its that at least for Grandblue its that a lot of the team is from Cygames. But lets see how it goes and I dont know how it works if the people of 3D game work in the sprite ones and vice-versa and ArcSys work in Visual novel and other games but no one talk that their are thin because of that.

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