New York Senator Diane Savino On Cannabis Legalization | Op-Ed | NowThis

‘We shouldn’t be afraid to advocate for adult-use cannabis.’ — Public support is growing for cannabis legalization, and this state senator thinks it’s time for the …


  1. The purpose behind legalization should be strictly for health and safety. Prevent the smoking and push for vaping. Whilst the current law neglects cannabis as “psychotropic”, it represents the highest level of arrogance ever shown towards what created good policy to begin with. That is facts, statistics and science. If you cannot elaborate what psychotropic entails for any amount or the manner in which consumed, and how that affects the mind, then your only intent is to make our country look bad.
    Legalizing the cultivation of hemp though is a step in the right direction. Not only for revenue but the curiosity that begins with the cannabis plant sparks citizens’ interest to learn what they didnt know, thus condoning past prejudices.

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