1. Proud to be associated with this guy as a another College educated black man. No stupid gang nonsense. Long live MLK. We are here keeping the dream alive and not killing it with gang nonsense .SMH

  2. We have to build our own wealth in our own communities. It starts with a change in mindset. Stop thinking what can someone else do for me and start thinking what can I do for myself and my people?

  3. Invest In The First African American Owned Hotel On The Atlantic City Boardwalk / 27 Acres 800 Condo / Hotel Rooms 10 Restaurants with an 11 Acre Private Beach ​www.investintheoasis.com  / ​www.twitter.com/industrymoves.

  4. Mr. Whitten you are so kind and generous, thank you for being so clear and honest. Great show ya'll, most people always leave something out but, you gave it all and not on a 2 hour webinar that charges $497 and then you still don't know crap. (You saved a lot of people frustration)

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