1. Hello, there was a pullback today that shocked everyone with Namaste.. what are your thoughts on that by looking at the charts? Would love to see a video on that one …

  2. Yea I saw been watching level two like buys from TD securities on THC biomeds wall. seeing them buy and sell in large qaunitites. Institutional investors are bastards…. Double down on your ETFs as well when u see these dips

  3. First time to see your site…being new to Canadian cannabis stocks..your presentation is great for someone who can follow you..but for new investors you speak so fast and go so quickly its hard for me to follow…maybe a 5-10 second pause between stocks would allow an ole goat like myself to catch up…plan to subscribe and come back tomorrow…What do you think of TGOD..I spoke with them today and they said maybe next week they will list on the Canadian exchange. Thanks..North Texas

  4. Doing this over again ~ I know that sounded harsh. On the other side of the coin….I come here for support. I come to your channel, because here it's okay to be effected by the market. What I love the most about Tiko-Traders, is the "down to earth approach" . I know how hard you all work. I will keep coming here, without my "Robot" attitude. My apologies, and know how contradictory this all seems. I do belong to a chat group, and it's because of them, I no longer panic sell. We try hard to be positive, and help each other out. In the end all and be all, we are all humans. We support and uplift each other.We have some great members with decades of experience. But sometimes we have to sell, in the red. I think I read too much news, and a lot of it can be very discouraging. You probably now there is "fake news" , and insider manipulation…it's hard to beat all of that 🙁 . Amit I could only want the very very best for you and Tiko-Traders. P.S. I feel exhausted, nobody likes losing money. Hopefully soon things will change for the upswing. I believe it will 🙂

  5. I agree the web brokers are making lots of money…but they are not the reason for the blood bath..What about the Trade Wars, Amazon, panic selling..the list goes on. The web brokers are making money because of underlying causes. Get with the program.

  6. Thanks Tiko!!! Hard to sit on the sidelines tomorrow…. from what I have seen and learned as a rookie, I expect a gap down open on weed and others, followed by a lot of smart money jumping back in… I think it's going to be choppy untilJune 8th, when we see a rise after c-45 passes, them more chop until Mid August…. loving some of these sales prices right now, and I may pick up a couple of new positions to swing trade on the bounce…

  7. On a personal note, i dont have any emotion when it comes to buying stocks and sometimes watching them fall.. I really believe in whatever i buy etc and when people "panic sell" or whatever I just sit here and my mind goes blank..Like. Why would sell less than what you bought it for?? Damn. Idiots.

  8. Also in reference to your question on why we have taken such a significant correction the past few months, it’s because we completed the 5 wave impulse structure at the top in January already. Same way how SPX, DJI etc have been making large corrections (and we ain’t done yet but we are getting close before we head back to ATHs)

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