Joe Rogan – Float tanks and edibles | “It’s like having a near-death experience”

Joe Rogan talks about float tanks (sensory deprivation tanks) and edibles in combination. For the full episode Joe Rogan Experience #1062 …


  1. I think Joe's view of the paranoia that can come from psychoactives is interesting but I dont personally see those experiences that way. I don't think those little worries or insecurities that get amplified necessarily need a fresh look or need to be faced again.oftentimes,with me anyway,they're insignificant little moments that the drug amplifies so out of proportion that it almost becomes a paranoid delusional type experience,which isnt healthy. I also sometimes get really dark,macabre thoughts about death and what not that aren't helpful.he is saying this is just you facing your fear but the thing is that I can face these things and deal with them in an emotionally constructive manner sober whereas high or tripping I feel like I'm literally going insane.thats just me tho.good on him if he finds it helpful.

  2. Opening weekend of my 1st year of college me and my 3 other roommates brought a friend up who had a 500mg brownie and some thc koolaid powder. We split the brownie 5 ways since there was 5 of us so we each had effectively 100mg plus whatever the koolaid was. About 30 mins after we eat it we decided to leave and go to a frat party since it was opening weekend and it sounded fun. As we are walking to this frat party we meet up with these 4 girls to take us to the party. At this point the shit really starts to kick in. Anxiety starts to kick in because I just got to college and im walking around downtown in an area I don’t know following these girls that I don’t know and i get a bad feeling they are taking us to some house to have us robbed or something. Keep in mind that im an alcoholic, but haven’t smoked in atleast 6 months or so and only dealt with edibles once before, so my tolerance for thc is really low. We finally arrived at the frat party after what seemed like an hour and a bunch of these frat guys are waiting on their front porch waiting to meet new guys that could possibly look to join their frat. I get inside and the music is good im feeling okay now that i atleast made it to this frat house. My buddies all grabbed a beer and I really didn’t want one because i was already fucked up from the thc. All these girls are trying to get me to chug their drinks and at that point i kinda got worried about them trying to get me to drink a spiked cup. I decline and just chill with my roommates. Then all the sudden about 20 black guys rush into the house and I freaked out thinking something bad was about to happen so I asked our roommates if they wanted to headout because I just wanted to get back to our dorm. After about 20 mins of me trying to persuade them to leave, they finally cave in. We leave and im feeling okay because I know I’ll probably get to my dorm soon. We get lost because we are all fried out of our minds and no longer have the girls to lead the way. Midway through the walk back i start to think my roommate accidentally called the cops because he was too fried and needed the ambulance or something. Turns out he never even used his phone at all but i was just seeing / hearing shit. As i think he called the cops i start to get about a 50 foot lead infront of my roommates because if the cops came I wanted to make it seem like I wasn’t with my roomates. I eventually try to get a friend to pick me up and take me back to the dorm. The girl who is trying to pick me up needed to use the restroom in my dorm so we needed to find eachother while both not knowing where eachother are at and me being fucked up. So I told the girl to just meet me at my dorm building since my roomates and I finally see our building. I have never felt so pure and happy seeing that i made it back to my dorm alive. The girl that was supposed to pick me up says she is in her car parked outside the building i tell my roommates to go in and im going to talk to this girl and ill take her inside. I go up to parked car with a girl inside of it and with the windows rolled down. I peek my head through the window and say the girls name like 3 times. The girl in the car never even acknowledges me after having my head in her window talking for a solid 30 seconds. Turns out i was at the wrong car so I eventually find my friend and let her inside so she can use the restroom. She leaves and my roommates and i are just talking and i get tired and try to go to bed. This made the trip 10x worse because im laying in my bed hearing my own heartbeat thinking im dying. I open my eyes and see a light and my dumbass thought i was dead and tried to go towards the light. Turns out it was my roommates light in the other room so now i feel stupid and go talk to them for 10 more minutes . One of my roomates greens out and eventually throws up. Me and the friend my roommates brought up end up puking as well. After puking i just went to bed. First weekend of college. First college party. And behind it all was a strong ass brownie and some thc koolaid that kicked my ass. Looking back on it, the trip was filled with 80% anxiety and paranoia, but I definitely would relive the memory if i had the chance.

  3. Could never let go of my thoughts on psychedelic drugs. I literally just dont understand how to. I basically just jump from one paranoid thought/vision to a more beautiful over stimulating one, back down to paranoid, dark ones. I feel like I just watch my mind do it separate from my control yet I feel all of the horrible anxiety and sometimes painful sensations.

  4. weed just makes you appreciate life more. i’ve had derealization for the longest time and everyone always thinks it’s a bad thing. there are times where i just zone out and think deeply into where i’m at and i get amazed at the fact that i’m living in the moment, right then and there for no reason. weed just opens your mind while you’re high and while you’re not

  5. Most the time i try to let go and let the high take me then i end up spending 75% of the time convincing my self I'm not having a heart attack or anything else

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