How to Promote Your Business on Social Media in 2019 | London Keynote 2018

If you’re not creating content and distributing it on social media … you’re fundamentally irrelevant. Period. To accomplish any of your goals in business (and in …


  1. GARY! You always Rocks!!! You are the man!

    Thanks for all the inspiration man!

    I have watched one of your video about "HOW TO START" That has changed my life . I have taken a massive action to get my /GOALS and DREAMS and i m crushing on it.

    Here is "HOW"..

    My name is Prakash & I am an Online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer- Digital Marketer.

    Basically I am a normal ordinary guy but I am a man on a MISSION to set my life to FINANCIAL FREEDOM for my rest of life within next 2 years.

    You are true inspiration for thousands of new entrepreneurs & You helped to inspire me to start my YouTube channel.

    I have recently started my new YouTube channel for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketer to share my progress and tips& tricks about affiliate marketing..

    please guys i need everyone's help and support to do that so please head over to my channel and give me some support there.

    I would appreciate any support from the community!!

  2. Gary. 1 quick question. You keep saying over and over how valuable social media is to companies. Why do your company's has a weak social presence? You have a huge presence, but you businesses not. WHY?

  3. is it a waste of money to run facebook or instagram ads is you cant afford to spend alot?ive spent small amounts that would add up to a decent chunk of change and have had no results is it because i did not pull the trigger and spend enough?or is my products/concept just not good?

  4. Gary is speaking truth! The first 5 to 10 mins just hooks you. Thank you Gary for the tips and suggestions on how to crush it in 2019. It’s time to continue to keep pushing hard and moving forward. It’s all about content and consistency of content. Not worrying about what others think, F it I’m going to make mistakes but I just gotta keep pushing. This was so dope.

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