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  2. Many restaurants in a small town in Arkansas called Jonesboro has Hep outbreak. The population is smaller than 50,000. It was stated that there are many unreported cases as well. This town is very small.

  3. Yesterday I went to visit some folks in a senior home and some brought up their concern to me and had a question of why their doctors were sending them to do lab work and having them tested for hep b , they were saying we aren't sexually active and dint use drugs how can our doctors think we have this??? So three different elders were getting sent to get tested this is in California. This the first time i hear of this, I recommended they have their caretakers call the dr office today (business day) and ask questions for them regarding this issue

  4. These big pharma thug's are just trying to scare the public so they can make more money! I wouldn't trust the CDC at all, they are prostitute's for the pharma thug's. They're the one's who are exposing people! Remember the Ebola scare tactic? It was determined that too was a lie!!!

  5. its Just another way to go at us with diseases, that opens the door to go at us again ,via vaccination injections . i cant believe how many people eat out of these piss-ant businesses that serve nothing but shit contaminated food and slave labor our youth serving this crap , but like you said , they got powerful rich people behind them keeping the doors open , feeding and destroying the masses , and keeping poverty and job loses on the rise, so they do keep working and eating out of these shit-holes………

  6. bill gates father was outwardly trying to kill black folk. He along with margret sanger created planned parenthood to use black pastors to pull in black folks to kill their babies.

  7. Jw you won't believe how many people a are lined up in their vehicles just waiting to purchase food by McDonald's franchise. I believed at one time that they were putting something in the food that makes them addicted . I have to be honest with you that there is a component added to their food and drinks that keeps them coming back for more and more. Tell me what you think about what I am telling you. God help us all

  8. Do you think that this has anything to do with blood types? I heard that certain blood types can't get some of these diseases they're trying to spread and they're after the ones that cant get it… Idk. I just know that something is going on.

  9. Man! I'm from NW Indiana and I ate at Arby's one night and got sickk as fuck. Sicker than I have ever been in a long time…. Than I had blood work done at the VA and they say I had a hepatitis scare and had to have blood work done again and I was cleared. I was like "what the fuck" how the fuck did I get exposed to that? I straight told the Doc I don't fuck around with needles or butt sex… Haha this is crazy

  10. Thank you. Just thank you. God bless you and your family. Stay safe. They tried it with flu shots. They chemtrail us every day. And my question remains the same. Why is nobody in authority doing anything to protect us? And we wouldn't know if it weren't for people like you.

  11. You are a good and wise man! Talking of everyone coming together as one. After always hearing so much division and fighting, it's refreshing to hear someone speak of togetherness! Thank you so much for the video and helping us become aware of these things! Btw…just subscribed!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  12. Thank you brother James!
    I appreciate your true Christian Faith and love of others that is in you.
    When the Bible says โ€œyou will know them by their fruitโ€ that is so true!
    I will not go into the depth of my thought but I thank you!
    Love others! The golden rule.

  13. the islands you were referring to is hawaii we had a bunch of hepatitis outbreaks. the best way to break that cycle is to eat at home and stop supporting fast food restaurants infact any type of restaurants ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฝ

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