1. I am messing around with MYCRYPTO that came from Scott's WhenHub. Maybe we are truly getting somewhere with blockchain?….It claims to be open source and FEE Free?…….Like Scott Says. Don't worry. Somebody has thought of everything. I'm worried about buying an $80 piece of hardware and losing it. I'm sure it doesn't matter? Then there are passwords? Next year it will be as easy as a credit card?….Is it free of the ACH?

  2. Obama had the lowest interst rates and handouts given out like candy . Id give obama a C considering what was happening as he got in and he was late in the plan by the fed to save the country. He just went along with what was set months before by the fed and the banks. Not hard to go up after a crash like 2008 when you have the easy money flowing and the whole plan worked out. There are a lot of good videos of that happened before obama got in as far as what the fed and banks planned and it was SCARY!! that all took place as mcain and obama were running for pres.

  3. Being against regulations makes sense when regulations get out of control and do more harm than good . Being for google to be regulated makes sense when google is doing more harm than good. Its always a matter of degree and agenda. Google is about as left wing as you can get without being communists. thats not good for anybody except communists ( which do exist FWIW – see the UN)

  4. FireFox has a great stance on security, you can also make a FireFox account that will allow you to sync many things across different devices (maybe everything). Google recently released "Duck dot com" to DuckDuckGo (This December 2018). Google got it as a part of a 2009 acquisition. There still isn't a clear reason why Google transferred ownership – but it caused DuckDuckGo users confusion, because until the transfer it just redirected to Google.

  5. I'm traveling with family for the holidays and spent the day traveling through california for the first time in many years. Holy shit their highways have tons of garbage in them now.

    Very sad, and angering, to see the state that screams the loudest about how environmentally conscience they are has so many roadways that look like belong in some trash filled 3rd world country.

    I would dare say that if they picked up all the plastic trash and garbage on just one 100 mile stretch of any one of their main interstate roadways it would add up to way more plastic taken out of the environment than all of straws they banned combined did.

  6. Welcome aboard. I noticed there Google search bias about 8 months ago when I couldn't find a story I read previously. I used duck duck go for about six months but had some issues with them as well although it was a good engine. I use Bing for now.

  7. I've been using DuckDuckGo for years and I've really had no reason to use Google. The results are like old Google, unfiltered for the most part and you get a better breath of results. Instead of Google Translate, I just go to translate(dot)com. Intead of Google Maps, I use bing maps.

    The hardest part of DDG is typing in the site, but once you do it, it auto fills. And I have it as a bookmark so when I open a new tab, there's a button for it right there. No typing necessary. I've gotten a few people to make the switch and, once they do, they feel relieved, like a blind has been lifted over there eyes.

  8. I have a problem with my internet connection, and though I know correlation isn't causation, it has happened so many times, I am starting to think there is causation. The Problem: While on Twitter, within 10 minutes–sometimes much less–of criticizing a Democrat member of congress, my internet connection fails, and has to be reset. This has now happened no fewer than 20 times. Coincidence?

  9. I went to play store and downloaded the app on my android. I used it and like it, but am not certain if this app version is the same as going directly to their site. Anyone out here know if there's a difference.

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