1. I used to smoke marijuana. It made me elated and smarter in the short term. I was also able to connect the dots and synchronicities in my life a whole lot better. I understood my relationships with various individuals with the clearest vision. But in the long term it was lowering my vibrations, causing depression and even low blood pressure. I opted not to use it.

  2. I'm kind of curious as to why/how alcohol brings your vibrations down? For the last month, I've had a lot of Holiday parties so there's been a lot of drinking. Even though I get tipsy or a little bit drunk, I'm always having a good time, I'm happy, I'm in good company, I feel like I'm more open to being friendly and outgoing…

    On the other hand, when I smoke marijuana, I feel sleepy, lazy, slightly paranoid…So I feel like for me, this doesn't make sense?

    On a side note, Canada just made marijuana legal, so Watch out because there's going to be a lot of enlightened Canadians lol

  3. I've never done any kind of drugs or smoked anything but I know a lot of my friends that do which makes me feel quite sad. They've tried to persuade me to try marijuana before saying "oh its not that bad for you" ect but just think its wrong, best thing is not to do drugs full stop!

  4. Edgar Allan Poe said " : All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. "

    It is debatable if he wrote his poems or books under the influence of alcohol or drugs because some say he would abstain from them for years .

  5. hello! First yes please can you talk more slowly and calm because we are watching you from Greece and ofcource we understand english but its not our language you understand so as to keep up. And ofcource more calm because we like so much your videos but its too tensed. NO OFFENCE PLEASE. With love …;) And i have a question if someone smokes marijuana daily and drinks also a couple of beers on weekends only i suppose it lowers his vibration on a very very low level right? The thing is if he feels that it is happening the opposite but i see that its not, how can i make him undersand the opposite?

  6. Thaaaaaank you so much! Like I have been wondering why sometimes weed helps raise me and then other times it does like nothing or makes me even moody. Now looking back and comparing it with my journey it all makes sense

  7. How can I get to 5D? And how can I make sure I stay in a 5D state? I listen to affirmations and meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️ music to get that “High” but it doesn’t last long. when my reality hits My Consciousness doesn’t even remember what that “High” feels like.

  8. There is a mass level ascension happening. The gateway is open right now until the solstice. I was just reading about ascension to 5D and bam! Your video is talking about it!
    About Marijuana… The ascension is not real and short-lived. It definitely lowers your vibration if one makes a habit of it. Love you kaybo!

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