1. Jacquie, I found your channel several months ago. I am have been struggling for health problems for years but in the last year have been basically bedridden from several diseases. I appreciate your positive attitude towards all that is going and that you have God in your life. It always makes my day to see one of your videos. Your videos are always looked for expectantly.:) I hope you have a very blessed Christmas.

  2. Well now you know- if you want to get Harlow a special toy, just buy an extra pair of Disney socks. She will be thrilled with them, plus she will think she snuck one over on you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

  3. Was thinking about you and Janice this morning, lot's of coverage on Weather Channel about the storms and tornado's in the area. Hope it didn't hit either of you or your families to hard!

  4. Everything is so nice. The ornament is beautiful and the socks are awesome! I like how Harlow gave you kisses when you told us you got her a treat, like thank you Mommy. Love you guys! Hope your doing better today Jaquie! Its raining in Spring Hill today, So I got my infusion running. Don't know if its raining in Tampa or not. Does the weather mess with your POTS and MCAS and pain too?

  5. Im surprised you are able to visit places such as Disney where thousands of people are passing through carrying all sorts of germs that surely could make someone with your conditions very ill. Ive noticed you dont wear your masks anymore. I would get so overwhelmed by all the crowds Im not sure I would enjoy visiting Disney so your health must have vastly improved which is good to see.

  6. What is the name of the roller coaster that you go to the top of a mountain through the inside and then go flying back wards?? And always has a long line that weaves through a museum type building

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