Cannabis Legalization Is A LIE – The NEW Form Of Prohibition

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the truth about Canadian cannabis legalization as Trudeau’s Liberal government monopolizes the …







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  2. British Columbia has only one legal store in the entire province and its a government store. Companies that invested in retail by putting leases in place, expecting a responsive ethical government, are filing for bankruptcy because they can't get approvals or licenced. So I agree, they are squeezing out small companies in favour of large companies and you can bet that government will cut a deal with pharma for CBD distribution, its a scam but that was always the plan.

  3. This is just getting too much. In the past they made at least some effort to hide their real intentions. This is fucking cruel to us people, all we want to do is enjoy some fucking weed without fat businessmen/politicians getting their grubby fingers into everything. Can we just have something pure for fucking once? We already make your coffees, wipe your floors, build your buildings, help run your country… How about the rights to smoke something that naturally grows on the earth? Does the greed have limits or are our houses going to be bulldozed for airport space next year? ffs.

  4. Hello from Quebec, keep up the good work WAM and PFT !

    Since cannabis is "legal", I can't smoke outside in the town or in my
    apartment and I will have to pay a fine if the police arrests me with if
    my weed isn't in the proper legal packaging. I can't even buy legal
    weed without handing my ID and all my infos to the government, so I am
    not crazy enough to do it.
    I virtually cannot smoke anywhere anymore, because I have no backyard, this is clearly oppression!
    It is the beginning of a crazy DNA gathering police state, I can see it.
    My boss now have the right to test me and fire me if he think I smoked
    in the last 24h (I had to sign this crap last month), the police will
    now have the right to obligate me to get an alcohol or blood test EVEN
    IF THEY DO NOT HAVE EVIDENCE that I am under the influence of anything. I
    am thinking about emigrate from Canada before having a f*king police
    record and losing my driver's license because I smoke a little joint
    before going to bed since 20 years… FFS!
    I was listening to the news last week, telling me that it's okay to doxx co-workers…. sh*t is
    going to hit the fan. Not even talking about the freaking World Compact
    for Migration, Canada is becoming Hell on Earth.

    Puppet masters behind Trudeau really know what they are doing, they are creepy lurking
    evil geniuses. The "legalization" is an extremely dangerous Trojan horse.

  5. We should all know by now that there was NEVER any justifiable reason for criminalizing and illegalizing marijuana, so the correct path to take is decriminalization. We don't need to be super genious to be able to figure this out, realize it, understand it; The plant is very beneficial for many health conditions, physical as well as psychological or mental, f.e. When it's of decent quality, then I always take a little pleasure when someone offers me some, and it never rendered me unable to safely drive a motor vehicle ; it heightened my senses, rather than dimming them down, say. Some people might not appreciate the effects of the "herb", but that shouldn't mean that it should be perceived that way for everyone, for that would be a serious falsehood. If someone likes consuming some things I don't like or with which I have either allergenic or tolerance problems, should I ask for whatever the substance (usually food) to be illegalized, criminalized, or just accept that it's okay that the substance is unsuitable for some people, because of their health issues, while not being that way, even being the complete opposite, for some people, maybe most people?! I shouldn't deny either from their individual rights and am not interested in contributing to assinine "witch hunts". Etc. Dan Dicks brings up the topic of the Hells Angels and, yes, it's organized or loosely organized crime, but the members aren't all equally guilty. One hospitalized me, while some others were very ok with me. They're not all equally criminal, I learned from experience. When they're ok, individually, then I'll respect them, will treat them humanly. It's the hard-core criminal members I won't get along with. Like in Christianity, definitely NOT all persons who claim to be Christian seriously are. Stereotyping people is pretty much different from my principles and learned experience. I'll cut this off now, for it could otherwise become a real essay, and YouTube isn't a good Web site for this.

  6. So it wasn't simply legalized it was also monopolized and the mafia in charge of distribution is the Canadian gov't. I don't see a conflict of interest from a single entity, bent on raking in as much cash as it can squeeze, with no competition (sarc).

  7. The government used the police to clear away any competition and to create a monopoly in my area. At the time I and others argued with our local police force about this, but they were stuck on weed is still illegal at the time. Assholes!!!!

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