1. Elbow and shoulder pain with low bar squat — I dealt with this for the year I've gotten back into training. Thumbless grip, grip spread all the way out to the hooks, everything super tight, wrists and elbows strained, shoulders hurt intensely coming out of it after-re-racking. I had begun to think I was too old, had gotten back into training too late, and that old shoulder injuries and years of neglect had left with me with mobility so poor I just wasn't going to be able to do it without pain. So I did it with pain. And figured I'd ultimately be like those lunks I see on Youtube with their hands draped over the top of the bar while squatting. A few weeks ago, I fixed it by accident. It was about set up. I would grab the bar out in front of me, duck under it with my elbows up and flared out, then drop (or try to drop) my elbows down into position. Wrong. WRONG. There is something anatomically impossible about this with my shoulders, and I suspect at least some other people's shoulders, as well. So about a month ago, I wanted to see at what point everything locked up if I took a narrower grip — my bench grip. Just a curiosity. With the narrower grip, I was forced to tuck my elbows down immediately as I stepped forward under the bar, and everything slid right into place where it should. Everything is tight in terms of being good and stable, but nothing is excessively strained. The whole problem was about not bringing my shoulders down early enough.
    And I wonder how many people I've seen or heard about who just CAN'T get into position without pain are moving into a position in a way that is the cause of the problem, instead of the position itself.

  2. I started The Bridge program about a month ago. It takes me 2 hours to get through a workout on a mod/ high-stress week. Is this normal? How long should I rest between working sets? How long should I rest between warmup sets. How many warmup sets should I do? Also, on the general fitness days it says 7 minutes total isometric ab exercise. Does that mean, for example, Plank for 2 minutes, rest, plank for 2 minutes, rest, etc. until the total time under tension is 7 minutes, regardless of rest times?

  3. Jordan,

    I tried reporting him for impersonation but it says the only person that can report him is you. Otherwise we have to report him for other stuff which may or not help.

  4. Would you run a pivot week when transitioning from hypertrophy template to the press template? What would it look like? Or would you just run the week 0 on the press template

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