1. I get ninja is in fact a youtuber with over 20 million subscribers but I can't think of a single big thing he did on youtube this year, since rewind IS about recapping the year. Really the biggest thing he did all year is yell at children, ban people with "stream snipping" even though they only taunt kill him and overreact to the trashy kid infested cum dumpster fire called fortnite, and all of that is on twitch. So really from basic rewind bullshit, he shouldn't really be here. But someone correct me about anything (anything besides things along the lines of "fortnite is not a overrated shitty game" then please, go back to wishing the ghoul trooper skin will came back this Christmas and fuck off).

  2. the thing about the advertiser friendly thing, katya and trixie, the drag queens, are the most foul mouthed, sexual, joking, 100% not ad friendly people who actually make fun of those kind of sponsor ads, but they still got into rewind??

  3. Honestly, I've never cared for YouTube Rewind, because most of the people in it are ones I've either never heard of or just don't watch, and it really boils down to my problem with YouTube and its viewers. For whatever reason, most of the content that gets the most views are people being loud, in-your-face, and obnoxious, which I just can't stand, but for some reason is really popular. The content I watch is more niche and catered to my own interests, and in general, the channels I watch aren't ones that would make it into the yearly Rewind. Hence, I don't watch them

  4. While I understand that big media corporations to exist on YouTube.
    YouTube will be accepted by them
    But YouTube needs to stop pooping on individuals
    Currently YouTube is headed by a feminist wahmen, who will invite foaming mouth sjw feminists with 20k subs to youtube events
    She is going to run it to the ground, Marissa Mayer anyone, and currently subway restraunts

  5. me: waves little flag for the animation channels and the inclusion of Trixie and Katya in the section when they talk about drag queens

    Real talk though, I think we're evolving away from watching individual creators. Idk if anyone else feels this way, but I really don't watch creators anymore. I just browse through my recommended feed to find individual videos to watch that interest me. The only creator I watch every week is Safiya, and why? Because she makes consistently great, well-researched and interesting videos. I've unsubbed from so many creators I used to watch all the time because their videos are nothing but mid-roll ads, and sponsored content. No one feels genuine anymore. And that makes me sad. So I go searching for the content that IS genuine.

  6. I wish I had the skills and patience to make my own Rewind. Yeah, it'd probably be kinda niche in places since not every person I'm subbed to is particularly "popular" or necessarily part of a community – and the ASMR community would definitely have a bigger chunk of the video dedicated to it, given I'm part of it, have been since it was called "the whispering community", and consider it my virtual second home – but it'd still include big names like Felix, Mark, and Sean. Plus a BUNCH of the commentary and political activism community – from one side of the spectrum to the other (flip a coin, heads is ContraPoints, tails is Blaire White – let's get some serious tone-mixing in here!), regardless of popularity. Then there's the animators and speedpainters, of course. Song-writers, which means Chris Ray Gun would probably show up in two different parts of the video. Just… everyone, regardless of their sub or view count, as long as I'm subbed to them or enjoyed a decent amount of videos they did this year. More lesser-known LPers like GGGab, who is my freakin' HERO for translating Japanese games so we can enjoy them too. Just… People who deserve more but have less. And instead of a remix of all the most popular songs of the year, the video would open with a short skit where someone TRIES to hit "play" on a remix of the type you usually hear on YTR, only for a woman dressed as Susan Wojcicki to come in with a giant yellow demonetization hammer and smash the radio/cd player/laptop (whatever) and walk away all smug. And then in comes Matchbox20 lead singer Rob Thomas from the opposite side of the stage, who stares down at the mess at his feet, then smirks knowingly, pulls out a YTR button, hits it, and suddenly he and his band are playing "How Far We've Come" over the entire video. The end.

    Fuck corporate shills.

  7. Honestly in my opinion YouTube won't be having to worry about advertisers pulling their ads as much because YouTube is the new television of this generation. And at the end of the day they're going to have to come to terms that not everything on YouTube is family friendly and goes without controversy.

  8. Bruh they really should just include important shit of 2018 , if you had nothing big to do with 2018 then why are you in YouTube rewind 2018?? Plus Shane Dawson does cuss and I wouldn't consider him family friendly tbh

  9. I feel like the reason youtube is so desperate for advertisements is the insane amount of people using ad blocks lol. Also google is a shit corporation. But anyways.

  10. One thing about youtube rewind:
    The animation channels actually made animations for once and not just freeze-frames with moving mouths.
    More animation in this than in their entire channels combined

  11. WHAT?! that's primitive technology you royalty tool!! And that's clay, it's the best part of the video and the only good part… I did like that one of the animators snuck in at PewDiePie Easter egg though.

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