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  2. Nah men, just eat Raw Meat & fast ☯️ feeling high every day is natural, only humans know enough about science to actually understand where to find drugs, extract them, even enhance them. The problem you are addressing is that without drugs you can’t find any reason to comply to your slave lifestyle in a city 🤨 stops making sense, never made sense! Go to the tropics 🏝😎 & take Nootropics

  3. 1:04 I'm sorry but that's just wrong. You only perceive opposites because humans have a dualistic mind and we like to detect/create patterns. Shadow is the absence of light, cold is the absence of heat, and everything in the universe is basically energy but vary on placement on the energy spectrum.

  4. The only problem with some of this is the blurry line between some medicinal drugs plants and other plants that also contain drugs. For plants, if it's known for a particular substance consider that a drug or altering/ extract it said drug. Like the Green tea to energy, drink jump was extremely unnerving for a tea fanatic like me. Not because of cognitive dissonance but because it green tea is (in general) the second healthiest drink in the world. But yeah bottled sweetened tea isn't the same as my organic 3rd party fair trade tea from Japan lol. Great video though and amazing quality. Hoping to see more. Oh and mention sugar next time haha

  5. Its funny how this guy believes so easily about our body being made up of chemical and that bullshit. People really are stupid. Its just another way to justify all your use of drugs dude, like come on.

  6. I just assumed everything in this video was obvious to people. Drugs have ONLY ever increased my quality of life in the long term. I would not be as aware, grounded, intelligent, empathetic, or caring without them. Then again, I've never taken anything compulsively, or for longer than a few days at a time, its always for a specific purpose. A mind expanding substance that brings pain forward (can you spell dmt) so I can deal with it, learn from it and leave it behind. I don't understand those who avoid their problems with drugs. I always let mine get the first punch, so I can beat them. I think my only positive relationship with mind altering chemicals is unique though. Anyone else without an addictive personality?

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