What about the pot? Tesla CEO Elon Musk responds

Lesley Stahl asks Elon Musk about his turbulent summer, including the time he smoked weed during a podcast appearance. Subscribe to the “60 Minutes” …


  1. 60 minutes you have completely lost my trust in your journalism. The fact that you just want a story and not the truth shows how corrupt you are. Elon Musk is changing the world and changing it for the better. Why not instead of fighting him you support him.

  2. Knowing now how 60 minutes feeds lies and misleads viewers I'm going to not only stop watching it but i will tell all my family and friends to do the same thing, much like i sopped paying attention to RT news years ago once I learned they were a Russian propaganda news channel.

  3. Cant take 60 minutes for serious any more. it's laughable. Just release the whole interview and all footage to show the real truth and not some kind of fiction that fits who ever is paying you for this nonsense

  4. How about yourself?
    Pathetic, Misleading, Demotivating & the most precious…"SALTY"

    We don't need of bad things about Elon Musk
    We also wanna see the good things he has done.
    Balance is a must in anything or Being.

  5. Let him live! He's doing more in half a lifetime than 3 generations of Tight Wads Grads coming out of all these D1 and Ivey league schools! Elon is a Modern day Iron Man! Plus He makes me want to have Grandkids Just to see them come to my house on Mars in an Electric Carbon Telsa 4 seat Rocket!

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