1. Hi Melissa!! Just so you know, I got automatically unsubscribed from your channel, so in case you lost some followers lately, maybe that happened to more people 🤷🏽‍♀️ love your vlogs ❤️

  2. This is a super sensitive topic for YouTube. While I understand it’s peoples way of making money the more huge youtubers complain about money or do sponsorships I’m less likely to watch. I stoped watching the beauty videos cuz it’s not believable anymore I love vlog channels cuz I’m not being sold anything really. It’s just more relatable and easier to watch. I like you tubers that are doing it cuz it’s fun not and not wanna quit when they aren’t making all the money.. eleventh gorgeous made a video the other day and I shut it off cuz I don’t like it. Your amazing u barely ever are sponsored and you don’t complain about how much work it is. U genuinely seem to like sharing your life and kids with us and it means sooo much

  3. I absolutely love seeing your relationship with your grandma. It makes my heart so full and brings tears to my eyes all at the same time. I miss my grandmas dearly…what I wouldn’t give to do those little things with them that I once took for granted.

  4. Your grandma is the cutest! Also fellow nurse here and I always wait until I have diagnosed and tried to treat my symptoms before going to the doctor! It’s just what we do haha! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  5. You can tell the youtubers that use YouTube as their sole income for their family. I’ve heard them say how stressful the money situation is and then every video is a sponsored video because they have to support their family and the YouTube money from views etc alone is too up and down. Unfortunately, although I understand why they have to do all the sponsorships and respect mamas supporting their families, I find myself watching less if not at all because it feels like a commercial channel if that makes sense. I love channels like yours because it’s real. I also enjoy like Shelly’s home life etc. I don’t mind sponsorships here and there but when it’s literally 5 out of 6 videos, I end up not watching.

  6. Melissa there are tons of videos on YouTube on how to set up your adsense account. You was paying a network without getting any promotion, that's crazy.You can also do Famebit, and start doing sponsorships on Instagram alot of people are making money including myself and you don't need thousands of followers, just a 1,000 and you can start. Many YouTubers are living great lives on YouTube buying big homes, cars, taking care of family and so forth. I'm subscribed to over 200 channels so I see alot of people start from the bottom with nothing and after a year or two of consistent posting and they are in homes nice neighborhoods, traveling multiple times a year and so forth. Do what you like on your channels and things should relate to each other, also go on YouTube and click on trending and see whats going on. For vloggers right now many are adding trending videos like shopping, shopping hauls, cleaning videos do very well, decorate with me especially for the holiiday, holiday shopping, shopping for christmas, travel for the holidays, mukbang eating, and so forth.

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