1. I didn’t see the whole interview but I hope he asked this corporate democrat about how he sold out nyc to amazon, keep that same energy with these corrupts politicians just like you do with kodak, don’t be afraid of the white man

  2. I haven't smoked weed in almost 18 years. I'm not against it at all. However, these "rules" or "policy's" can not be so rigid to where it's not even worth passing the law. For example. My mother, who has passed, was denied marijuana for pain because she didn't not have naseau with her stage 4 colon cancer. 4 months before her passing she was in so much pain and was denied. Morphine did not work!

  3. Ebro did this post to help him get people back on his side after the Kodak interview cuz who doesn’t love weed and making it legal is something important n close to all potheads out there lol

  4. If the booking in Brooklyn was full of black and Spanish folks , I wounder when its time to pay these summons, will the courts be full of black and Spanish folks only, ????

  5. They should have designated parks for smokers gated parks that are strictly for smokers and the smokes just in the air that's not that big of a deal this way for the people who can't/choose not to smoke in their Apartments can have some place safe and comfortable to smoke

  6. Its a start i guess. i wish they were more educated on the subject. Vaporizing does so much good that you probably wouldnt even know a persons vaping unless you're right in their face. This is just their way of trying to save face and get paid before technology makes it so that they WONT be able to get paid.

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