Reggie Wright Jr on Him & His Father Indicted for Marijuana, Facing 5 Years (Part 18)

Watch Part 17: Watch Part 1: ——————— In this VladTV exclusive, Reggie Wright Jr. talked about him and his …


  1. Come on Reginald…
    You can't talk about it?
    But you already plead out.
    You're case is over.
    Or you lying YET again?
    How you gon take a plea without even knowing the deal?
    I took a plea deal but don't know what it is…lol
    You just lie even when the truth is easier homie.

    You gotta lotta karma coming your way son.

  2. I knew he was gonna ask him about this! I just read this in an article online. Lol I was waiting for Vlad & he finally asked!! & yeah I agree it’s fucked up ppl still getting locked up for weed in 2018!!

  3. It’s funny how a man could plan an interview with Vlad to talk about everyones business except his own. He’s probably arrested hundreds for what he now considers, “just marijuana”.

  4. In this day and time, if you're illegally selling marijuana wholesale, you're inviting trouble and kind of deserve it. Maybe the guy on the corner selling small amounts can't get the capital but guys at his level definitely should have done the paperwork, gotten a license and made their money the better way. But I suppose some folks just like being criminals.

  5. “only weed” but 22 others indicted on heroin and other drugs as well. think outside the box, if they were trafficking drugs in 2017 across state lines imagine what he was doing as head of security for death row in the 90’s and his pops head of gangs and narcotics in compton.

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