Morphine: What You Need To Know

Morphine is an opioid found in the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) and is therefore an opiate. It’s been used in the form of opium for thousands of years and …


  1. Have multiple major broken bones and terminal cancer all over but hate this drug! Causes much more pain because it blocks the body's ability to warn you that you are overdoing it.

  2. in my city the local hospital dispenses opoids very very strictly . so thats one way of dealing with patients getting addicted even when they use it for legitimate reasons. but i also think self control should come before that.

  3. My nurse gave me the tiniest bit of morphine in my drip during my C-section. Euphoria indeed, I had a horrible twin pregnancy and I was about to vomit from the anesthetic they gave me. The oxycodone they have me to take home helped immensely combined with ibuprofen. Didn't even finish the prescription

  4. Old video, so I hope this question gets answered… I have a connective tissue disorder and several spinal conditions that cause chronic pain. I’ve been on opioids for years. At the highest, I was on 75mcg fentanyl every 48 hrs, and 10mg oxycodone every 6 hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. I only weigh 115lbs, but I never felt an euphoria from my meds, likely because my dose was increased slowly over years. At my highest dose, my pain was not controlled. My doctor suggested having a pain pump put in, and that scared the crap out of me because I was only 39 years old. I knew my pain would continue to get worse, but my options for pain control would dwindle. So I requested a reduction in my pain meds, choosing to suffer more now in order to give me more options for the future.

    I worked my way down to a 12.5mcg fentanyl patch every 72 hrs, and 10mg hydrocodone every 8 hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. I asked to stop using the fentanyl altogether because it was causing problems for me when I became overheated. So my doctor switched me to 15mg extended release morphine every 12 hrs, regardless of my pain level, and kept my rescues the same. I just started the morphine a couple of days ago. I have had trouble urinating, which I didn’t know could be attributed to the morphine. I’ve been even more fatigued, sleep more, and I wake up with pounding headaches. This leads me to my questions…

    1. Could the morphine be causing these headaches?
    2. Will the side-effects wear off after taking this medicine for a while?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. When I got out of hospital I was on morph and anesthesia lmao I couldn’t piss for my life . Deadass when I heard my family talking I couldn’t piss. Also the nausea is real with this one

  6. Would really like to see a video on Methadone… It’s become a much more relevant although still misunderstood treatment. Thank you for all the valuable work on your channel.

  7. I've come across Morph oral solution, 20mg per mL.

    I'm used to 30 mg oxycodone/60 mg vicodin in 24 hours

    I took 20 mg first, and an hour later went up to 50 mg total.

    Very little euphoria, my arms had the sensation of being way too tired,needed to stretch them, and the morning after was one of the worst headache I've experienced from opiates.

    Really let down my morphine oral solution.

  8. IV morphine for me worked for 10/10 pain (surgery was needed) but wore off after 30-45 minutes. it DID NOT give me euphoria or any warm feeling . pain relief was amazing I was given 10mg 3am, 5mg 4am, 5mg 4:30am, diluadid was then given as it lasted longer and was much more euphoric
    however the next day after surgery they gave SUBCUTANEOUS Morphine 7.5mg it was the only painkiller I was given and It gave me a wonderful warm and happy feeling . really strange hey.
    so IV no euphoric. subcut really nice and euphoric. and lasted 4 hours

  9. only once have i experienced its effects. a pre-op shot in the butt by a surgical
    nurse totally calmed my fears so that when they wheeled me into the op room
    i was calm , alert and interested in what all and who was there. the peace
    continued for the 2 iv needle insertions and then they put me to sleep.

    the main thing recalled about it was the night and day difference before
    and after its mind-calming effects kicked in. i thank whoever decides
    pre-op patients could use some nerve calming. most merciful of 'em.

    oh , lastly … the op went on for 8 hours …. to remove a brain tumor.
    the removal damaged some good adjacent tissue. which caused some
    'brain damage'. by 4 months later 'normal' started to return. and in 12
    months i was 99% back. there was no pain , as such , from the op.
    the 'damage' pretty much kept me from being botherred by anything.

    the only drug used post-op was dilantin . to address possible seizures.
    stayed on it for another 19 months. then off for good. been 100% since

  10. I was in a car accident and in pain. They gave me morphine. Instantly, it was the best feeling in the world. Once it wore off, I wanted more so I lied that I was still in so much pain. They gave me more. My god, best feeling in the world.

  11. I took morphine in increasing amounts for twenty two years…I began to wonder if the condition I had(An agonizing neurological glitch…)had healed itself at all.Since I loathe hospitals,I,very,very slowly began to reduce the quantity I took every day.( I HATE jonesing more than anything I know!)It took me over a year to get my dose down to thirty milligrams a day.Then I used CBD to get me over the last bit…it worked great.I was so full of myself,and proud of my little achievement,that I was not prepared for the psychological kick in the ass followed!It had masked so much of my personal angst.Im now having to work that “not so little “ set of issues out.Quelle bummer…!However I’m looking into TMS and am getting my ducks in a row for that therapy…and am very hopeful.

  12. For medical use the normal IV dose is 2 to 5mg for adult patients not on opioids (starting dose). However the dose depends on the amount of pain for severe pain the dose could be 5-10mg IV for patients not on opioids. Patients that have developed tolerance to opioid due to long history of opioid use may require much more than 10mg to obtain analgesia. This is from my own experience as a Nurse in a European hospital working in surgery.

  13. Good video. When one suffers form severe chronic pain, especially from botched spinal surgeries, it is a lifesaver. At low doses it neither affects deification nor functionality. Having taken it for 6 years on low doses I can say it has had no negative health effects. Sadly, I did have too expatriate to get treatment. The US is so full of depressed, hopeless people who turn to drugs for salvation, that it ruins the lives of so many true chronic pain sufferers.

  14. iv morphine killed my heroin addicted half brother a long time before i was born, i never knew him but the story has always been told. My dads first wife had bowl cancer which was found to be terminal and super painful so they prescribed her IV morphine in a vile and a bunch of needles, her son being a Heroin junkie found her vial of morphine at some point and It's still unknown whether he just killed himself or OD'd, Anyway fucking tragic shit.

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