Meizhi 450w – White Widow Autoflower- Day 95 – HARVEST TIME

Sorry for the delay I had some issues…. This is day 95 of my closet grow, im using a 450w meizhi LED light and white widow autoflower from crop king seeds.


  1. Just got the same light with northern lights auto did you use full spectrum from the beginning or did you use only veg switch until flower? I am running with both switches on now at week 3. Awesome videos btw keep it up!

  2. Hey buddy I need some help so my ww autos are on week 6 flower I want to do a 2 week flush and be done with like 60-70% amber when do you think I should start flushing none of the trichomes are amber yet

  3. Dam dude thats awesome over half a pound with like what a $200 set up with everything awesome you should grow some sativas from crop king i want to see someone grow lambs breath auto by them i cant seem to find a video of it anywhere

  4. Great job on this grow man. I'm about to start a grow with 2 powerplant seeds from growerchoiceseedsusa with 2 meizhi 450s in a 2×4 tent. I dont know if thats overkill considering how well you did. But i need help with grow medium. I was planning on using a 50/50 mix of fox farm ocean forest & happy frog with 25% perlite I was also planning on using general hydroponics organic go box. Im wondering if you k ow anything about the products i plan to use and if its a good idea to go with them also can you tell me what ph you maintained?

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