Marijuana Stocks : 3 Cannabis ETF’s To Buy In 2018 (Actionable) by BABY

Investing in Marijuana Stocks and the Cannabis Industry is pretty HIP right now but can also be risky some times and it is by any means not meant for people that …


  1. alternative harvest has both aurora and canopy growth and more..again its your choice…if individual stocks cant move moneys etc thru usa banks and federal banking laws then what good is it….??

  2. should be common knowledge…nyse…..a etf would seem to be better than a individual stock purchase…4 billion dollars is a lot of $$$$$$$$.. exchange trade funds…vs what ever penny stock is your choice….the main spokes person for canopy growth has been on tv etc…back months ago explaining his plan…and future plans..

  3. Very hot and interesting industry with this cannabis. Last time I heard the plans for legalization are in July which is coming up and could bring huge gains to these businesses. Might have some high risk but the return is there too

  4. One thing to point out with HMMJ, ACT, and MJ is that they have relatively high expense ratios of 0.94%, 0.75%, and 0.75% respectively according to Morningstar. Given this you may be able to get cheaper exposure by directly buying some of the companies if you have access to no-commission trading platforms. (I know Robinhood is not available yet in Europe, so this comment is mostly directed at US-based viewers.)

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