1. The whole thing is such a farse. WTF is up with all the regulations and restrictions. Its like you can drink alcohol but you can only have 4 bottles and only drink it outside… seriously? Government just needs to just go spend money somewhere else and gtFO of this and let us grow or do what ever we want with cannabis.

  2. People need to quit fearing cannabis. Jesus. It's 2018.. get over it. There's been legitimate research for nearly a century that has showed it has mainly positive effects and has been hard hard pressed to show that it's bad.

  3. Didn't they just approve a bill in Michigan where patients can have their medical marijuana delivered to their door? Why didn't they cover that while talking about the effects on medical access?

  4. You know what else leaves an odor? Your pets, your candles, your perfumes, hairspray, and your natural body odor. Everyone has it.
    What about potpurri? They're saying you can't use, have anything in your home that smells. Don't cook, especially fish… you'll be gone in 30 days stinky.
    They judge people who smoke or eat weed but it's fine for people to drink every night and go to work the next day, drive after you've had a few drinks. You're not "buzzed" right? 😂
    Ignorance… hypocritical nonsense.

  5. If you want it to really be successful you need to create laws that protect the community…. 1. No out of state investors.
    2. Limit canopy size so there is not an oversaturated market.

  6. As a Hoosier I am proud of our neighbor state to finally stand up and be the first to legalize cannabis in the midwest. If more Midwest states would legalize. Illinois,Ohio,Indiana we would become a power house in terms of economy.

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