1. Although I wholeheartedly agree with medical use I personally do not approve of recreational use.

    The main reason I personally think this is because marijuana too often is not used on occasion(As a treat) but it becomes an addiction and to many people a lifestyle choice. Many of these people later suffer because they never went anywhere in life and unfortunately many of these people end up going on to harder drugs and many of them end up leeching off the country.

    Going to school I knew about 6 people that smoked marijuana, I know two of them ended up on hard drugs, one of them died in an accident(No idea if drugs were a factor in it) and two of them could barely get a job at IGA(One of them was quickly fired because he did not do his job properly). One of them started to go to uni and seemed to be doing okay other than being a mentally unstable emotional wreck. Outside of the last person these are not good outcomes at all, and two of those people were actually doing very well before they started smoking weed and hanging out with the other stoners.

  2. David you are a true patriot and a man that stands for individual freedoms and general freedoms for all the Australian people. Time to legalize cannabis in all forms. It will bring so much money to the economy and to the states as well as the people. Time for a Republic and a Bill of Rights, enshrining our liberties in our constitution. It would be nice if we could also defend ourselves without repercussions, should be in the bill of rights too. Keep up your good work mate.

  3. I understand where you are coming from with your ideas about freedom, however some things need to be illegal. Sure some things may not be harmful to people who don't do these things, but you need to draw the line somewhere. Vertical filming must be banned, even if it does go against the vibe of the LDP.

  4. Excellent points Senator David Leyonhjelm. By legalizing cannabis recreationally we remove the expensive and arbitrary medical cannabis system needing to be set up. People that need it medicinally will have an easier time getting it without hassle, and those who want to use it for any other means (recreation, nutrition, ceremony, religious, etc) can do this with ease.

  5. Even without the Ethical or Libertarian arguments for decriminalised Cannabis the economic and criminal should be enough for government to use the issue to restore some faith. Economically the taxes raised would take us into surplus as fast (if not faster) than the GST did. Criminally; the amount of police resources wasted on marijuana instead of chemical drugs like Ice is one reason why those drugs are cheaper than alcohol at the moment.

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