Holistic MD who founded Florida Marijuana Institute found dead of alleged suicide

Dec. 20, 2018 – Mary Greeley News – On Sunday, November 11th, 2018, Dr. Russell T. Bain, full of life, allegedly committed suicide taking his own life. We are …


  1. I think the people have had enough of it and enough evidence now to speak out about this and shine the light on the whole situation and protect these good hearted folks who just wanna help people…
    This really breaks my heart!

  2. My cannabis MD brings his German Wolfhound and roams the office. Nobody minds, he's scary till you see he a big teddy. I have trained German Shepherds and they can be sweet but turn if there's a threat. Also, this is Colorado, we are packing heat 🤔🙄😎

  3. The whole point is they want everybody dead. They want your money but they don't give a damn about you! Stupid fucks! I know bc I work for a mail order pharmacy and I see this shit all the time. I hope they all go down in flames. All the way to Hell.

  4. Wow…condolences to his family and patients.
    There have been a rash of suicides with holistic doctors across this nation in the past ten years or strange mysterious deaths.
    Let us say a focused prayer for protection to all health care providers being targeted by death squad tactics.

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