1. damn that story about duke diamonds friend Kevin was sad.. scotty seemed like he didnt even react to the clear fact that his friend had a problem .. to me he acted like it was no big deal.. shit man one of our own died .. and if h meant heroin that is an epidemic thats moving into the cannabis community.. and affecting the world in the most negative way.. i just would have shown more emotion to the response of that story.. i feel like when this show started it was for the rightest reasons ever.. and nowadays i dont know if #growersluv anymore.. i mean i know theres good in the world but i don't look at this whole thing like i did when dgc first started.. its more based on what ive seen in scotty mainly . i can't even give u advice on how to fix the crew or the health of the community all i know is i love the show i just wish i didnt feel a certain insensitivity when certain things are mentioned.. and scotty off topic why would u hunt something like sour d the real one and lose it? it took me 10 years to pin down the real one.. i dont ever wanna lose it.. having a clone of it like a license to kill shit

  2. Just signed up to the site man. No clue how I haven't been tuned in to this. First episode was Duke of course cuz he's the man! What are some other all star shows man. I'm gonna watch em all anyways haha. Love how your so fuckin stoned all the time and loving life.

  3. Dukes a propper Dude ! I remember reading posts back in the day of OG from the likes of him, skunk va, bog and rez dog to name a few… helped me develop into who i am now .. much respect bros๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’ฏ

  4. We are here for experience, to fully ascend above our ego personhood in order to realize our connectivity to all life in the universe. It is our purpose to free our true selves from the repetitive and habitual wrong actions and abyssal sufferings as human beings. As we become sicker, all life becomes sicker. It is a mirror. We are not isolated even though we exist in constructed boxes, hidden behind electronic sex and bottom-line-top-dollar thinking. All things that arise will pass. All birth will end in death. Life is eternal and so is weed.

  5. I knew of Duke Diamond but never saw an interview before. Sounds like a very good solid dude. I will definitely be giving a few of his strains a run to show some support.

  6. One of the strains that You were talking about sounds like My favorite "Grapefruit Skunk", I had some that I grew with Me in a vitamin C container when My Guitar Player and I was on a mission to get Our band sound system driving through Arizona. When I got out of jail three months latter I remember that I was smoking a spliff of that Grapefruit Skunk before I got pulled over. I had balled it up inside toilet paper and threw it in the trash bag. I had just got My $9600 back and was free, I wanted to celebrate but didn't have any herb, so I looked at the trash bag and there it was on top , the balled up tissue. I lit that baby up and it was excellent, rich sweet , dank, lemony grapefruit, and extremely potent, I hadn't smoked for a long time so I got lit !. Just when I got lit ! I pulled around the corner to an agricultural check point on the border to California, the truck was full of the smoke of the dankest herb I ever grew, I rolled down the window and smoke drifted into the Officers face, He frowned at Me, and looked around the truck from His booth and asked Where are You going anyway ? !!! and I said L.A to Carvin Guitars to get My Bands Sound system, and He frowned at Me again and waved His hand and said "just go ahead !" and I pulled off and finish one of the best spliffs that I ever smoked.

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