Diversity vs. Stability in Cannabis Seeds, Breeding and Genetics

there is not a true breeding cannabis seed when you compare it to a major agricultural crop such as corn. you can plant 10 acres of corn without much genetic …


  1. Our crops were always homogeneous and strain specific; bagseed from the classic imports. Grown in commons plots, so rhizodeposits/exudates were shared between individual plants. I think that's why modern Cannabis lines are "diverse", each plant has a different exudate profile contained to a seperate pot, just like it's parentage, that attracted a different microbial population. The only commonality is the microbial roster the plant has to choose from, which is why you can always tell what farm a crop comes from, regardless of strain. Because everyone grows 50 strains in identical soil, identical teas, identical ferments, identical rooms.

    I bet there's no garlic growers trying to grow 50 different strains.. Its another plant who's phenotype is heavily dictated by the microbial demographic. Each farm/soil is its own pheno. Cannabis was better when people grew their own crop, not 50 hot strains from some totally different grow.

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