1. Good job, but her team need to help her with the interview skills. No gum, closer to the mic, stop the teeth sucking and she'll be great.
    Shout out to Yee for asking the relevant questions, and Charlamagne for the follow up questions. There were definitely holes in the story that Yee obviously knew, but those of us that are introduced for the first time didn't know.

  2. I been fucking with her since she was at like 30 K on IG before the Def Jam deal but idk about this Tom boy look she been sporting lately. It’s too Kehlani Ish without all the tats to me

  3. Charlamagne always ruin interviews by pushing himself onto people with too many over-sexualuzed jokes or dumb comments. Just shut up and ask something from the fans perspective or be an interviewer that gets the deep questions outta people. No one likes to see their fave artists put into awkward situations while being bombarded with old man/pervert questions

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