It is now irrefutable the Cannabis possesses vast healing potential for A LOT of mental & physical conditions that modern medicine is drastically inferior in …


  1. Great, great video. I manage a farm directed around cbd, and we have some of the highest cbd bud I know of. With that comes with all the other cannabinoids and terpenes. Its legal for being below delta 9 thc less than .39. If anyone wants bud or anything message me! And you, the creator if you want a free sample let me know. Thank you

  2. The truth that is behind not wanting the cannbis available to us is so elementary it's hard to understand how our educated leaders have allowed these totally stupid people to keep this medicine from us.

  3. Dude. What you're saying here in this video is not only extremely informative and scientific, but also unquestionably of paramount importance in terms of achieving a healthy, balanced society for all human life. Particularly what you said at the end is so true to me: big pharma does NOT want this plant to become prevalent because then they cannot continue to sell us their utter poison in the form of new pills being sold on TV as cure-alls that will "fix your life". It's all complete utter bullshit man and I honestly think Cannabis is the answer to happiness in life. Thanks again for making this amazing video, the production is great, truly.

  4. marijuana is still just a band-aid. if we import endogenous chemicals then our body will attenuate it natural production of the chemical thus forcing us to rely on more and constant use. how about we take responsibility for our lives: eat right, move more, and improve some coping skills.

  5. Shabbath Shalam,
    Hope everyone is doing well.. So happy to see more and more in depth information is coming out…
    PRAISE YHWH, that the effects and and the medical uses information has finally been told to the public..
    For this knowledge of this plant has been know over 5700 years…
    Sending blessings to all seekers of the TRUTH.

  6. Thank you finally a video that actually gives real scientific research and explanations that adds up to real scientific claims. Explains how The Biology in the scientific evidence really works. Good visuals and great explanation.
    The other videos were getting too preachy, pseudo science:, and making up claims with nothing to back up with evidence.

  7. interesting for sure… i wonder; as some types of opiates and even substances like dimethyltryptamin and other usually so called "drugs" are produced in small amounts endocrinological by the body, is it benefical or even necessary to supplement them ?!? —

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