BOLTR: Instant Pot | Legal in Canada!

Finally a cooking gadget unlikely to burn your house down! Thank you Patrons for helping us tear into the seedy underbelly of tools! Early access here …


  1. 3:30 — "I'm not much of a fan of pressure-cooked meats." — TBH AvE, I don't go out of my way for it either, EXCEPT in one case only — Chicken hearts are fantastic, stewed with a pressure cooker. Otherwise, it takes too damn long to cook 'em.

  2. Can you imagine someone new to this channel trying to understand all the Uncle B references? Ha! Also, I have a dream I'll walk into a Hazards-a- Frought near the Canadian border and hearing his voice shitting all over some random tool…. I look in the eyes of the maker.

  3. Actually, the INSTANT POT brand itself is pretty good for it's innards and it's results!
    We use it EVERY DAY !!! the 8 litre/8quart version izza REAL FAST and ya can cook Sambucca-infused yogurt at home all by yerself to drown every day's sorrow in!

    For the no-veggie diehards, dump a quarter-to-one-third bottle of non-cheap RYE whiskey, some peppercorns, oregano, fennel seeds and lots of Hye's brand Seasoning Salt into the Instant Pot and yer 12-to-16 ounce steak will turn out smoother and more buttery tastin' than Cousin Meg's College-aged Best Friend's Volcanic Hagaaa Haaaa-Haaa!

    It's the OTHER brands that tend to suck more smoke through the whale-hole than my grandmother's cigar cha cha! If ya want a decent one with more BANG and LIKE spending the extra bucks, the Breville for Twice the Price should work wonders!

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